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fluomaecola : I had to make a call complaint on my neighbor 2 times -- went for 3rd call, and the line was busy for about 10 minutes, couldn't get through, i blocked my number and call, and what do you know, j get through! i asked the taker was my call blocked and she no -- i suspected a lie... so i've tried a few more times (just testing) and each time -unblock call= busy, blocked call= gets through! do i have case, if i got a lawyer?

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toribhibblerg : For what damages?

Nothing to do but waste time here
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carliferates : Case for what?? Do you think you have a RIGHT to get through to someone on the phone, when they clearly CHOOSE to block your calls? You think your rights were "violated"??
The person has the right to control what calls they want to answer. You have no rights, no case.
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Gugawemilia : My boyfriends baby momma has been making our relationship a living hell. Smh ever since him and I started talking she does not leave me boyfriend alone. He gives her money for his daughter every month as he should she doesnt have child support on him but even though he gives her money she don't let him see his daughter cause he's with me so he has to lie and say we aren't together which was once and when she found out he lied she threat him to deport him back to mexico and he doesnt want that he need to work here to help his mom medical bills and medicine in mexico and Its very expensive I must say she recently had heart surgery but the doctors wouldn't do anything to save her until they paid the surgery first. Messed up right? He can't get deported he needs to work. Can his crazy baby momma deport him? Can I sue her for threating him? Since im a US citizen. But can something bad happen to my boyfriend? Ugh wht can i do? What should i do? Plz help???
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Kifeinfeteeks : Hey,
Jelousy thats all I think you report her because she is to lazy to get money!.
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Rhineeindibly : NO.
YOU cannot sue anyone for anything, unless it is yourself being threatened. If he is illegally in the country, he can be deported at any time, whether she is involved or not.
The only one who can deal with her and her manipulation is the boyfriend. None of the rest affects this at all.
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Vattbaisp : My Fiance and I are trying to buy a house. We both have amazing credit. According to the bank i have the strong profile with monthly bills coming in my name and paying them off every month.

Well my fiance and I are waiting 6 months to save more money towards a downpayment.

According to the bank my fiance has a amazing credit score but his profile it kinda weak. He doesnt have any monthly bills that come in his name. We stay at his parents place currently so we can save our money for a house. But what could he get to pay monthly that'll help him?

Our phone is in my name, and the car and the car payments are in my name. Other than that theres really no other bills that he could get to get in his name. I mean he has netflx and hulu come outta his bank account monthly but netflix goes through paypal so it doesnt say netflix on his statements like they want. Plus they said they werent sure if Netflix or Hulu coming out would be able to be considered because its not really a bill

So would the best thing for him to do is get a small personal loan for 6 months and pay it off to help him? or what could we do??
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RicyKcn 571 : I know its legal to change it a lot, but i need the whole front side, including the serial code for a magic trick. i plan to use the whole front side, but change the back, like instead of in god we trust, i willl put in magic we trust. is it legal? thank you :)
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Annahora : Yes it is I think as long as you don't use it to gain any money or anything.
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ZDlxre : If your really good, you can half a bill with a razor blade, but; that is tampering with federal Money.
Check with the FBI and ask the question since they oversee MONEY.
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