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Anielavs0 : So I got into a fight with my brother, the police came and my parents said no to pressing charges for battery. Hes 18 I'm 15. I've had been in a fight with him before but it wasnt as serious and he was not an adult yet. I have also been in a fight with my dad all within the past 7 months. None of them resulted in a medical exam, mental exam, court case, legal action, nothing period. I feel that my parents are acting inadequently and not representing me by not opting to give me any medical attention or do mental exams or anything. What do I need to do to bring this to court, or make a restraining order, get him out of the house, do medical exams, mental exams or whatever. This is ridiculous and absurd. Who do I contact to get this to happen? How do I not have a right to a lawyer when I believe that my parents are acting inadequately? Who do I contact in order to pursue this?

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covaGrooppy : Minors do not have the right to file charges. In fact, adults don't..they only file police reports. A parent is the only person who can decide if restraining orders are needed, if he needs to be kicked out, etc. And minors don't have authority to hire a lawyer.
If you want to contact anyone, you could try child protective services. Be warned..this does NOT guarantee that they are going to agree with you, or agree that your parents have failed. They will investigate.. meaning they will hear both sides of the issue.
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hahAltessyrar : dont file a charge, just kick him in the nuts! me and my bro used to fight all the time, its just what brothers do, beleve me mate its not worth the hassle in the log run. when your like 25 you dont wana look back thinking i cant see my brother anymore! - if hes a dick then just hit him back!! or take up MMA so the next time he hits you he will think twice about it!
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Nazartymn : I have a social security number but no income as of now or never had any income. I do have above $10k in my bank and one of my friends told me that to get a credit card you must have above $10k in your bank. Is that true? I get money around every month from parents abroad. I would assume having a credit card and paying for bills might allow me to build my credit history for further purposes.
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cheap uggs : A credit card is when you put money on it and pay for thing and also puting things on credit then manually redeming to pay the cash back. It does build credit
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elsebeth9 : You need a job, its a no win investment if you have no income.
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jgoodlikegp : I have a hard time being happy in life. Every job I have had I hated it. I have either been fired or quit my job and the longest I have lately held on to a job is 4 months. Right now I have been unemployed for a week and half. The reason why I don't like to work is because I don't get along with most people so well. I also don't like the fact that in today's world minimum wage is pretty much slave money. When I think of a job I think of a hoe working for a pimp. You work hard for the money, then you give it all back to bills and food and left with nothing. I'm spoiled you could say my grandma pays my rent but me and my g/f cover all the other bills. My g/f is on social security for bipolar. So she has income I don't. On normal day like now when its night since my life is like a vampire I hang out with my friends in the neighborhood smoking weed till the sun comes up then its back to bed till I awake to see what the next day brings. I worry allot about my life and I just want to make allot money easy way. All my friends just wanna be junkies I don't care about breaking the law to make money. Thought about living a drug dealers life since that's all america likes to do is buy drugs. The only job I would enjoy even if I got paid peanuts or 20 bucks a hour is working at a golf course or doing security at strip club. You are probably shakin your head but I hate working. Girls when I flirt with them at bars tell me grow up your a giant baby. My family cries cause since I'm 24 they think when I'm 30 I'll be dead, homeless, or in & out jail. Any help yahoo please no negativity I get enough that......
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Normagree : Your perspective is what seems to be the problem. Why don't you work on your drug problem first. Did nobody tell you doing drugs is bad?
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doristop : Dude. The answer is simple.
1. Realize YOU are the problem. It is time or you to grow up. You are 24 years old grow up you are NOT A TRENAGER ANYMORE b*tch BE A MAN! Wah! sometimes negativity is a good thing!
2. Start writing down things you are thankful for and realizng how blessed you are for what you have, it is proven that people who are thankful tend to get along with others better, and are more content with life. And if you are truly happy with your girlfriend, stop being a douche and flirting with girls at bars.
3. Stop smoking weed. Marijuana obviously has too strong of a foothold in your life and if you aren't mature enough to not smoke all day and night you shouldnt be using it. Not only is it expensive and you're spending money you DO NOT HAVE APPARENTLY, it definitely contributes to your lack of motivation.
4. Become more involved in activities outside of your comfort zone! Help in soup kitchens and stuff maye you'll realize how lucky you are to have what you have now.
5. Follow a semi-strict schedule! Have a bedtime and know where you will be at certain times in the day. Go to the gym on days your schedule says etc. This will help increase discipline which it looks like you need a lot.
Good luck
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AssulseOwnela : i think that you do need to change and grow up. I've done drugs and drank a lot but you have to realize that it effects more than just you. it effects your family too. they care about you and don't want to see you end up in rehab or jail or even worse dead. work sucks. maybe find something you're really interested in and try to go to school for it? ...
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