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lolowsNem : Over the course of my lifetime, I've changed my will several times using lawyers. Now, for my final, I'd like to write my own and wonder if I need special forms, and would a Notary for my signature make it legal??
I live in Florida. TY for advice with backup substantiation, if possible.

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AdvitsaddibiA : You are not required to have a lawyer to write a will but it must be witnessed, not notarized, unless it is written in your own hand.
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Millipow : If it isn't notorized properly, your kin will have to wait years to get your proceeds as the state hashes over it.
It would behoove your kin if they popped for a "living will", that would make your proceeds available to them immediately after you pass.
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Quewduetsaw : Anyone can write a Will their self stating what they want done upon their death.

Sign and date it and have 2 witnesses sign it. Get it notarized to make it more legal.

I John Doe of 1722 Happy Lane of Columbus, Georgia, the zip, declare on this date July 31, 2013 that upon my death I want the following to be done................
This is a start for a valid Will.
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imiLsanitazem : If you have more then a few thousand dollars, then it's worth having a lawyer do your will. Your not really saving money by doing it yourself, because it will cost more for the heirs to hire a lawyer and straighten out any problems.

There's no advantage to doing it yourself.
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Booftoino : My friend he is gay and he has this female friend that he sleeps with when he is really drunk.

When he was still living with his parents she slept there every night (in his bed) and even used the shower, ate the food in the house but when he was at work she would go home and she didn't contribute anything to the parents like paying board or helping out with the bills.

When he brought his own home which was about 18 months ago, she moved in with him and was doing the same thing as before sleeping there every night, using the electricity, gas, water, sleeping in his bed etc but when he would go to work she would stay at his house all day and didn't pay board or anything until about 3 months ago.

Now he still says that he is gay and she is no more than a friend (yet sleeps with her when he is drunk) she says that she loves him and gets extremely jealous and angry when talks about other guys or tells people that he has been with another guy recently and he doesn't care that she gets upset.

But if she threatens to leave he loves her up and tells her to stay.

People say that he only keeps her around so that she will look after him when he is drunk and drive him around when he wants too. And that she only uses him for the free accommodation and to able to drive his sports car around.

When she is really mad at him she starts talking about others guys to make him jealous or threatens self harm. Sometimes this works other times it doesn't.

And oh she does the washing but she never cleans the house or anything like that.

THANK YOU to all of you who read this and offer your opinion.
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ntonioKulman : Wow... I'd say that there's a mix of gold digger and love going on there, with tons of miscommunication.
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Gromisilsss : "No one knows what goes on behind closed doors."

When he asks for your opinion, give it.

Otherwise, you can sound like a jealous "beach" . . .
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nunkCurpittee : First of all you should just leave thing as they are. Maybe you are jealous of her because she got it good and you don't .He is a man he is bi so what. If he decided to screw her when he is drunk and let her eat his food and not clean the house that's up to him to bring it to her attention not you. He will come to and end someday and when it does then she will be older and with no experience to support herself and she will be the one who is going to suffer. So let it be enjoy their friendship and time and don't HATE. Good luck
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forexnewbiexg : I read your post I will tell you that when you are drunk you do control myself This is for when a person is drunk he does not know what he's doing is no So I will tell you everything will be alright Just take control, www dot mklwaste dot
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