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Jeniferxfs, :

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Escossebroods : I see someones gotten put on probation for the first time!
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profileback498 : So your logic is that people who enforce the law are working for the devil????
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Femfoofhino : Partially, yes.

"The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one (Satan)." 1 John 5:19
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Appotospect : Not really Satan could be even the President of the US. Satan doesn't look like the devil in cartoons but are nice looking, speak really well and tries to convince you they are right to get your soul if you let them.
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errowagma : I have like 600+ dollars in my debit card and I always pay my bills using my debit, but I wasn't eligible for bill me later, why is that?
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jajidmeu : You will need to read the terms and conditions the seller used. You will often need to be an established customer with an account before a company will supply goods on such terms. For most customers they will require payment in exchange for the goods.
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rarsepoetry : Because Debit is not the same as Credit.
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xmentalistem : You need to establish a credit rating. As you don't have one now, get a secured credit card from your bank. Get some utility bills into your name and make certain they are always paid on time every month.
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taroPlalk : I have a hard time being happy in life. Every job I have had I hated it. I have either been fired or quit my job and the longest I have lately held on to a job is 4 months. Right now I have been unemployed for a week and half. The reason why I don't like to work is because I don't get along with most people so well. I also don't like the fact that in today's world minimum wage is pretty much slave money. When I think of a job I think of a hoe working for a pimp. You work hard for the money, then you give it all back to bills and food and left with nothing. I'm spoiled you could say my grandma pays my rent but me and my g/f cover all the other bills. My g/f is on social security for bipolar. So she has income I don't. On normal day like now when its night since my life is like a vampire I hang out with my friends in the neighborhood smoking weed till the sun comes up then its back to bed till I awake to see what the next day brings. I worry allot about my life and I just want to make allot money easy way. All my friends just wanna be junkies I don't care about breaking the law to make money. Thought about living a drug dealers life since that's all america likes to do is buy drugs. The only job I would enjoy even if I got paid peanuts or 20 bucks a hour is working at a golf course or doing security at strip club but its hard getting a your favorite job with the economy. You are probably shakin your head but I hate working. Girls when I flirt with them at bars tell me grow up your a giant baby. My family cries cause since I'm 24 they think when I'm 30 I'll be dead, homeless, or in & out jail. Any help yahoo please no negativity I get enough that......
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