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EduKui-Heru : A friend of mine works at a large internet company. They have access to ip addresses of folks who post stuff online. She gave to our organization the ip addresses of hundreds of racists who posted comments and we traced them back to who owned them. The information while private , really isn't private as most folks think. Everything they post can be traced back to the computer it came from, even when they use incognito functions in browsers the original ip is traced back. We are now giving this information as we find it to their employers.

Last week we got a lawyers letter saying we are being sued for liable. I found that funny as we never said anything about them being racists we just sent them links to the comments and proof of where they came from. We sent them the user id's and links only to their comments, and it was up to them to judge the comments, we never said a thing about them. In fact it was up to them to verify that the users were in fact the posters of these comments. What could be proven was that the comments did indeed come from their ip addresses and that is all. How could we be liable?
The legality of the way we gathered the ip address is in a gray area. It is considered private property of the website. The employee who took the information could get fired for giving it to us but as far as privacy goes the website can do what it wants with the information it gets. Nothing illegal as far as us obtaining it, but the part of us distributing it could be, the owners of the website would have to sue us though, not individuals. At least that is what a lawyer told us when we got the info.
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crfmnkhufemq : …………………./´¯/)
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……….”…\………. _.·´

yes you idiot
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Pherrystory : they have no case against you, as long as it is legal to gather and distribute their ip adress and the other materials you mentioned
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hiegululnenny : Your invading others privacy. You are liable and if more then 3 of the victims file a claim together your looking at a felony class action suit. You and any other party can get jail time and a big fine plus your employer pay millions.
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hankon500 : My wife says that there is no case against you. The information is not private nor protected by privacy laws. They signed up to post the comments and the comments are not their property but the websites. If the website shared that information, even involuntarily, there is nothing an individual who posted a comment can do. The website however can sue you for stealing proprietary information. You certainly are not liable unless you stated they are racists. If their comments brought about that conclusion that is their problem. But as far as privacy laws go, there are none when you sign up for a website like Yahoo or Facebook, they own everything you post including photos.
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2qot54rt74o : I was accepted to this school months ago and sent in a deposit securing my place. Now a couple weeks before school starts, a family emergency has occurred and I'll no longer be able to attend college in the fall. I think I want to start fresh and reapply to different colleges for fall 2014 or the spring term at a different university. I haven't paid the bill to the school. Financial Aid covers my bill entirely, but in order to confirm my enrollment, I have to "activate my account". I haven't done this either. Therefore, I shouldn't be responsible to payback any of the financial aid, right? School hasn't even started yet and as far as I know I didn't confirm enrollment by paying. The school says that if I don't pay the bill then my schedule will be cancelled. Does anything need to be done on my part? Do I even need to notify them that I am not attending? I don't want future responsibility to the financial aid...and I'd like to perhaps have my fasfa info sent to another college for the spring semester, even if I don't get the same aid.
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sedyowedync : Okay so I'm 18 years old I just recently got my own apartment, I'll be a sophomore at a pretty good school next year, I get pretty good grades, and I'm nice to everyone. It makes me upset because I do all this stuff and it seems like it's not good enough for my mom. She spends too much time on brother, that's older than me and doesn't do anything with his life. All he does is play video games all day long. Well it's the summer and I'm back living with my mom and her boyfriend for the summer. So, my mom told me to get a job and she'll help me pay half on getting my car fixed, I did and now she's acting like she doesn't want too. I can't afford to pay for my car all by myself it's 950 + updated tag + insurance and that's why I need her to help me. I feel like she's not proud of me and doesn't see anything that I've accomplished she only worries about my brother. I pay my own phone bill, rent at my apartment, storage, and bursar bill at school. It's not like I'm living off of her, I'm trying to help myself unlike my brother. When I was younger I was molested by my cousin for a year, my dads been in prison ever since I can remember, and I use those two struggles as the reasons to why I must succeed. I feel like I could be alot different in a worse way with who I am. Alot of people that experienced those two things are mad at the world, I simply want to succeed and be successful with who I am. Especially since my mom never tried to help, tell the police, get me counseling, or stop talking to my cousin I would think she would care about me alot more. But no, she only cares about my brother, because she doesn't care about me at all. It's not even about the car, it's about the way she's treated me for all 18 years of my life. Uggh thoughts please.
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Tainiobby : Of course she's proud of you. She just haven't expressed it yet. You know why? She's sad she doesn't have her baby girl anymore. She spends time on your brother cause that's all she has now that you've grown up. It's all a part if being a mother :)
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Rhimibymn : Something's wrong with your mother. That's all the more reason to become a great success in life. Do the best you can do to achieve the best for yourself and move on in life. Show them that no matter what you're not gonna be brought down! Good luck and you can do anything you set your mind to and it seems you've already made a step in a great direction! I'm proud of ya!
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LasloDemsi : Do you have a good personal relationship with your mom or your brother? If not, maybe that's why. Or maybe your mom is just impossible to please, and you shouldn't try to. Also, jealousy is an ugly emotion. Please do not be so hard on your brother or look down on him because he is perhaps not as ambitious as you are or if you think your mom cares about him more.
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