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tomn067 : So every single day I see a question about can teachers take students phones and stuff like that.
Question 1. Can teachers take student phones?
Answer: Yes because they can cause disruption to the classroom.
Question 2. Can they search the phone?
Answer: IF they have reasonable suspicion that your phone will turn up evidence that you broke a school rule or law then they can search your phone.
Question 3. If a phone goes off in class can a teacher take everybody's phonee and look through it to find out who received the call?
Answer: No. They must have a reasonable suspicion that searching that specific student's phone will turn up evidence that they broke a school rule. Since so many kids would be searched it would be guess and match.
Question 4. If the school searches my phone can they pretend to be me and send out text messages?
Answer" Absolutely not under any circumstances.
Question 5. If a teacher has reasonable suspicion to search my purse for cigarettes and my phone is in there does that mean he can search my phone too?
Answer: No. He needs to have reasonable suspcion. His reasonable suspicion was that you had cigarettes on you. Unless somehow you can fit cigarettes into your phone he must have reasonable suspicion.
Any other questions?
Also it also depends on how serious the accusation is.
By the way for those people who are going to say " Kids don't have rights at schools". That is completely false. Loco Parentis does not give teachers and administrators free passes. All it means is they have more power because they need to keep order and discipline in the school. Has nothing to do with student rights. School officials need reasonable suspicion instead of probable cause. Say I was a guy and I was taking a shower and somebody took a picture of me and I didn't know who it was. It wouldn't give school officials the right to search every kid over 50 kids to find that picture. So that's for anybody who has questions. So the two main ones are can teachers confiscate phones? Definitely. Can they search them? It depends. If you're watching a movie and your teacher confisctaes your phone. In that instance she cannot. Well if she caught you texting during a test can they search you then. Most definitely. However keep in mind alot of school MINE INCLUDED it is strictly forbidden for teachers to look through phones and that decision is made by the administrators. By the way I'm no lawyer I just finished my senior year of High school. It's jsut my opinion. What do you think?
I agree with you. I never used my phone at school. However, to often teachers abuse their power. They do things to kids they shouldn't do because they have authority over them.
Hotwheels I'm going by a court of law standpoint not by my school standpoint. The supreme court said in order to search student belongings they must have reasonable suspicion. Individual suspicion. If a school just takes a phone and looks through it they'll get sued if there is no reasonable suspicion that they were doing something illegal. It depends on the circumstances not the school. Look what happened to your teacher when she did it.
As a matter of fact in a situation like mine loco parentis went off the table. Because when the teacher did that thing with the picture and the court agreed it was a dumb thing to do my parents were unaware of that. They may not have signed me over if they had known. That's why in some cases loco parentis goes off the table. In my situation my parents were specifically told I would not have something like this happen to me again and my mom signed off because of that. A judge said they can't just say things to get people to sign things. It's illegall. They have to follow through. The teacher still went ahead and did it anyway though.

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maxussynk : Yes. Whatever happened to parents doing their job teaching children to respect authority and teachers/schools having and enforcing rules that *children* should be messing about with mobile phones during class?
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Fotaanits : you are actually wrong, sorry but you are.

question 1. yes that is true
question 2. that is false, a teacher does not need a reason or suspicion to search a students phone
(at least they didnt when i was in school) if a parents can search their childs phone so can a teacher
question 3. sure they can, its a little bit of a waste of time in a classroom setting to do this but its not illegal
question 4. eh, it depends on the situation. ive had it done to me before but it was a joke. the teacher did get reprimanded for it
question 5. probably not, since your phone has nothing to do with the initial search.

you need to re-read your interpretation of Loco Parentis.... because it does give teachers and faculty the same rights as if they were your parents. if your parents can look through your phone without your permission and take it away without your permission then so can school teachers and faculty. you are right about one thing. it has nothing to do with students rights, because fact is, students dont have rights pertaining to phones.

sorry but youre wrong.. and it is not an abuse of their "power" its not a law, it just depends on each individuals school policy. that doesnt mean that your school rules apply to every single school. mine was obviously different than yours.

edit: your question was whether i agreed with you or not, my answer is i do not agree. sorry oh and what i mean by my teacher, what happened was they got a "dont do it again" speech..... nothing serious
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Sleeryrub : I am trying to prepare for a trail regarding the "Family Support" or " "Alimony". I was married for 17 years and we had five children. My ex husband and I had an agreement that since he was the one who would be able to make more money he would pursue his career and I would stay home and raise the children. Every time I tried to get a part time job or work as a volunteer at my kids school he would find a reason to stop me. After 17 years he decided to get a divorce. He makes twenty-five thousand dollars a month AFTER he pays taxes and bills INCLUDING my family support. He got custody of our children, homes,and business. I had to move in with my parents, and scale WAY down. I have NEVER lived in the way I was accustomed since I had to leave our home. In the short time that he has had custody of our children TWO of them have gotten into drug problems. He has ignored the court in EVERY aspect of the orders in regards to custody. I NEVER get to see the kids, he makes plans during EVERY major event. He has NOT let me know how ANY of the kids are doing in school. Despite the fact that I am not involved in raising my children I get blamed for EVERY problem they have,i.e.drugs. He has chosen the rehabs that both kids have gone to. Despite my misgivings I helped him when he let me. We separated in December of 2006 he did not begin paying me support until March of 2007. Now he is claiming that he is poor because he sold the business and started a new one and his income went from 25 thousand to only 23 thousand. I am 47. Since the finalizing of our divorce in June 2010 I have had some major health issues, that does not include the severe depression and mental health issues that I had during our marriage. I have also had other legal issues that make getting a job VERY difficult almost impossible. He has recently purchased a second vacation home, two new cars and all kinds of other luxuries, while I live in a small two bedroom apartment. I DON'T have a car OR medical insurance because I can't afford it. He also sold one of our homes and has come up with a lot of medical bills he says he has payed on my behalf. We still co-own the house he is living in. The court has told him that he has to request permission from me for ANY and ALL improvements that are over $1,000. dollars, he has made thousands of dollars of improvements without my approval. He used our home as collateral to buy his vacation home.. Now he is asking the court to end my family support of alimony. He has even resorted to asking our children to spy on me and "catch" me working, he has even offered them money if they can "help" him.

Is there anyway that I can convince the court to award me family support for the rest of my life? I don't even have anything contributed to Social Security, I got married at 23, began having children at 24.
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spooppils : We have a family visiting from out of state and we went to a buffet for dinner. My husband was not able to eat to much carbs due to his health issue and decided to eat just the sashimi and not the rice. The manager came over to tell him not to eat the sashimi only or he'll charge more. There was many people witnessing the situation as it was handle by the manager so loudly. As a result we lost all appetite. Let me add that we were there less than 15 minutes. What action
Can we take? We paid the bill and left.
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Liaffobilfeli : you can stop going there. no judge or lawyer is going to sue anyone just because your being a big baby and got your feelings hurt. grow up.
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CrycleClomoto : Sure you can sue and now just what were your loses how much did they cost you in lost revenue? The judge might award you one dollar
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Cetuneld : What action can you take?

You can vote with your feet, and your purse. You can choose not to go back. You can tell your friends. You can give honest feedback on Yelp and so on.
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nesbitt379 : A lawsuit may cost you more time and money than it's worth, but you could always share your experience on websites like Yelp and stop going to the restaurant in the first place.
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nanadokilalo : Why would you wish to humiliate yourselves even more than you already have done so?You went to the buffet to pig out on the most expensive part of the meal, leaving others short in their selection. The owner/manager did nothing wrong in pointing out to you that besides being gross ,you were acting gross. People only go to buffets to eat as much as they possible can, otherwise they would go to a usual type eatery. Your ignorance was made obvious in your statement regarding your husband and his "health issue" what you meant to say was health problem. Sue if you want, but you will lose and i can just see the headlines of your local newspaper "buffet bandits beaten".
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