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expahReal : I feel cheated. I stubbed my toe on a cabinet just now. I don't know how or why it happened, all I know is that SOMEONE needs to be sued. My question is who can I sue? I was thinking about sueing my wife, my 6 year old son, my dog, the local school department, and my lawyer (as well as all of the lawyers defending everyone i'm suing). Is there anyone else you think I could sue? I need to know an answer ASAP before the pain subsides.

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lizebeest : Ok troll. Just sue the judge too! Your mother. Your mothers mother. A rock. Hippies. Stupid people. Hobos. Etc. The list goes on my friend.
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Lauren_Virginia : The people who made your shoes?
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Cackaragtuts : they cant press charges...only thing your doing is mild harassment your not breaking anything or stealing anything so your fine..even if the police gets involved the worst they will tell you is don't do it again and if you do they will cuff u and take you back to your parents and fine them a hefty sum but that's about wont go to jail lol..those people are pretty dumb.
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cskc8057 : Ok first off you need to sue the cabinet. Its the one who hurt you right? Right. Next sue your toe. Its the one who decided to cause you pain.
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NerabetribBot : The socks that were supposed to pad you feet...
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swmssozshjgp : You sue the cabinet that dared to jump out in front of your toe, silly.
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Kifeinfeteeks : Sue the manufacturer of the cabinet. They KNEW there was a possibility that someone could stub their toe on that cabinet, but they didn't care. That's negligence.
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JohnMalkovitzch : Sue your English teacher for not teaching you when to use "whom" rather than "who", how to use proper punctuation, and how to check your spelling before publishing something.
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mentheyrf : I opened the account when I was younger (13-14? I'm 21 now) and had a fake name (I didn't know any better, I suppose).

I recently have been using it for a shop I started and never thought to delete it or use a different one. I had linked it to my bank account and it was fine, I even withdrew money from my Paypal and transferred it to my bank and it was fine, but when I went to put money in my Paypal from my bank account, they froze it because the names didn't match.

I went to the resolution center on Paypal and it gave me the instructions on how lift the limitations (fax or email them a copy of your license, SSN, bank statement and utility bill), and I did all of that, multiple times because the status of my documents always came up as 'not received' or 'never sent'. I called Paypal to speak to someone, the guy I spoke with said that because the name on my account wasn't even close to my real name, they found it suspicious and the only way I could lift the limitation was to appeal it. He gave me an email address appeals@paypal and I contacted them repeatedly with no response.

Does anyone know what I could do to solve this? I know it's my own fault for using a fake name, but I really need to set it straight. Do they release the hold after so many days? It's been about 5-6 months now.

Thanks in advanced!
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