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2qot54rt74o : Me, my gf and her friend were having a bit of a laugh when we were drunk about calling each other names and how it'd be funny if we had to use titles by law. (I know that's kind of random and a boring drunk topic, but you can't help what seems funny when you're actually in the moment). Anyway emma drew up a fake contract in her notebook saying i had to always address her as Miss Emma and my gf as Miss Hannah for the next 12 months and work as their maid in full maid uniform for one day each month or forfeit £100 to both as breach of contract. We all signed and witnessed. But next day she reminded me of this and said that because it's signed, dated and witnessed then it's actually a legal contract. But you can't have a legal contract without a solicitor or lawyer can you? (not that she'd enforce this!)

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TAmbillaImmith : Well, technically it is a signed contract. How it could be enforced given it does not have 60 pages of lawyer talk is another matter.
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Objedribe : It requires a meeting of the minds. Your post is an obvious hoax, and it has been reported.
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RarKapMavania : I'm reasonably sure a contract that is made when someone is drunk cannot be enforced.
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pneulkkem : My city has a really crappy hospital. It's said by most people that you shouldn't go there with any serious injuries, unless you want to die. I've had to take my mother there before (before I knew what a terrible place it was), and I've gone there myself. When I took my mom to the ER (she had taken a TON of pain killers, muscle relaxers, and nerve pills that day) it took us 5 hours to see a doctor. There was only one other person in the ER that night, and it still took 5 hours after we got a room. When I went myself, it also took way longer than necessary. I was always polite to the staff though, because I was never sure exactly who wasn't doing their job because I don't know how this process works. If there's ever a next time, I'd like to know which incompetent idiot I need to direct my bitching at.

So how does it work?
And also, I should add that when I say it took 5 hours to see a doctor, we were not waiting on any kind of test results from the lab or anything like that. The nurses were doing nothing but sitting in their little nurse station chatting with one another. When I asked them for a pillow for my back and a blanket for my mom, because it was getting stiff from sitting in the same chair for so long, they looked at me like I asked them for bars of gold or something. My mom couldn't get up to use the bathroom by herself because of the amount of pills she had taken, and I asked one of them to help her, and she was visibly annoyed about having to do it.
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reeksorneycle : I'm going to open by saying EVERY CITY claims it has the worst ER on the planet.
The reason is that the patients who are the loudest are the ones who had the worst experiences. When a patient comes into the ER, they are typically looking for one of two things- relief from their pain or drugs.

For most people who walk into the ER with the first, they either have an acute injury that needs treatment or a chronic condition that requires long term care. Those with acute issues can actually be treated. This with chronic conditions typically need to be referred to another doctor. Both of these are the kinds of people who do need to go to the ER.

The second type come in with all kinds of complaints trying to get drugs. They are a large part of the reason you wait 5 hours or more at the ER. They bog down the system. They waist resources and personnel time on their often fabricated or exaggerated complaints. They personally cause the staff of the ER to become suspicious of every patient that walks through the doors. The staff realizes that they have to sort the drug seekers out from the actual patients. This isn't always easy. In a place where you get a lot of drug seekers, it can be hard for a healthcare professional to tell the real patients from the fakers.

ERs are overworked and often underfunded. They remain very busy with patients who often can't pay their bills and don't have insurance. I know this doesn't justify your (or my) bad experiences at the ER, but I do hope that it helps you understand why it is that way.

To get to your question, you go into the ER where you sign in. You are triaged based on your symptoms, not on a first come first serve basis. If you are left sitting in the ER waiting room while other people who came in after you are being taken back, this is usually a good thing because you are probably not dieing! Once triaged and called back, you are placed in a "room". This can range from actual rooms to curtained off areas in a common hall. Someone will take your information, your history of present illness/chief complaint, your billing info, and any other info needed to process you. A doctor will be notified that you are there. Depending on how well staffed the ER is, it may have several doctors there or only one. Some ERs also use PA's or CRNP's to see patients with more common complaints.

When the doctor has the time available to see you, after seeing patients and processing paperwork or reviewing test results, the doc will come in and do his or her thing. After this, it takes time to process you. Much of the time you spend there is actually because of paperwork being done pr because there is a reason to observe any changes in your condition before you are discharged. It usually is not because of the staff being lazy.

The nurses may well look lazy, especially when you or a loved on is in pain. I assure you, they work very hard. They are just typically jaded from exchanges with angry patients who don't understand what is going on, or who just want someone to write a prescription for their favorite pain killer.

Most ERs are not a happy or fun place to work. I have shadowed in doctor's offices where the staff clearly loved their jobs. The patients benefited from a much higher caliber of care. Processing times were much lower, patient satisfaction was much higher, and the treatment the patients received was superb. I have been in places where the employees clearly didn't want to be there. It is the exact opposite of a place with happy employees.

I should note that none of the offices I have shadowed in were of the latter variety. Thankfully, I couldn't get in with any of those!
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endongove : There probably isn't any particular incompetent idiot to whom you can direct your gripes, valid as they are. When an emergency department is that dysfunctional, it usually (note the modifier!) isn't a matter of problems in the department but a reflection of an entire hospital that's in trouble. But the place to start is to talk to the emergency department director (for the physicians' group) or the departmental nurse manager (for the hospital). It's in their own interest to have things run better, so they'll listen and investigate, though they may not have the authority to make substantive changes.
You should also be prepared to be found in error. Different hospitals use different systems, but it's usual for there to be an initial nursing assessment, either before on just on entry into the exam room, followed (usually in a few minutes to an hour or so) by a physician's exam. It's quite common for people "not to see a doctor" when he's actually been in there, since the important exam may take only a minute or two. In your mom's case, it's possible somebody took a quick look, decided she didn't need any immediate intervention such as mechanical ventilation, and left her sitting to sober up. That would be a perfectly normal course of events. And your analogy is often quite right: a blanket or a pillow is often hard to come by, especially on a Saturday night, and worth more than a bar of gold. Niceties are at a premium these days, when emergency departments are asked to do so much and budgeted with so little funding. Also, it's unfortunate, but certainly understandable, that your mom, having inflicted her problems upon herself, didn't generate a lot of sympathy from the staff.
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sydney778 : Bit like going to a mad house.
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Jaramaree : I received a credit card from my local credit union. However, when I went in to pay the bill today (a mixup happened and I didn't receive my mail until three days ago from my family) they told me they don't handle it, and gave me a website. When I finally got to a computer to do it, with my busy schedule working two jobs, it demanded a routing and account number- neither of which I have, I only have their credit card and my debit card from the bank. I called them, and they refused my debit card period, without a single legitimate reason why. I was never informed that I could only pay by check, and my bank never gave me any checks to start with.

This being my first experience ever with credit, I'm more than a little worried it will screw me over big time...
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unwrelemfu : Upon starting the car it "squeals" and then continues to do so intermittently during running. what could this mean and is it a large bill
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