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hiegululnenny : I want to work in the Legal/Business field after I finish my Liberal Arts A.A requirements a d transfer to a 4 year school. I heard some bad things about Non-ABA Accredited JD degrees that they don't get hired, but also good in that the Tuition rate is much lower. I don't want to be a lawyer, just a Legal Assistant or on a company's General Counsel as a legal consultant.

Does someone have a better chance at becoming a Paralegal if they have a Non-ABA Law Degree instead of a Paralegal Certificate?

And can Non-ABA Business Law School Graduates become Legal Consultants on General Counsel and earn a lot of money still?
But is a non Accredited JD really that bad? Couldn't someone just transfer over to an Accredited LLM Program after they finish?

Do Paralegal Certificate holders seriously fare better in the job market than Juris Doctor graduates (Non-ABA) ? Even after all of that education?
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VaraTrurorb : You probably shouldn't be doing anything in the legal field these days in hopes of making lots of money. That having been said, the demand for paralegals is what's expected to increase. I wouldn't bother with a non-ABA accredited JD to be a legal assistant. If a school isn't accredited, that's usually not a good sign. Find a good paralegal program instead.
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BabFibShooria : It's quite tiresome t call credit card companies so I thought i'd ask here but I was just wandering how long it would take for my first bill statement for my Capital One student credit card and my Amazon Store card to be available. Does the billing cycle start after the first purchase or after the card has been activated?
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Dreannacron : My wife and I are earning. My in-laws' family consists of her father, mother, and a younger sister. None of them is earning so we take care of their rent, food, medical bills, gas, cable, and everything else necessary.

Apart from that, my father-in-law comes up with new expenses as he wants to open up a store and wants us to give him money. He has also got himself involved in a court case and wants us to pay for the lawyer. I don't want to put up with this nonsense and I've told my wife to help them with only necessary expenses.

Now the problem is, whenever she goes to visit them, they keep yelling at her for not giving them enough money. If she doesn't visit them, they call her and yell at her.

Another problem, my father in law keeps asking for money, and if we don't give him, he leaves the house. This stresses my wife out. She starts shivering and crying. I can't stand it, so we pay him ultimately. My finances are running low. I don't know how long can we cope up with this.

I want to leave them and let them be, but my wife won't allow this. She is too attached. What should I do?

Thanks for the help
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marleroker : You need to do what is best for you and your life: leave. Your wife needs to decide which is more important to her, you or her leeching family, because she cannot have both. It sounds to me that what would be best for her is to leave with you. The rest of her family seem to be nothing but leeching bums who only care for her money.

Live long and prosper.
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BUYINGEFFEXOR : Instead of straight giving the money to them, you take care of their expenses yourself, ie. pay their necessary bills and such. This takes effort but you will ultimately find the resolvable issue.
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BererotSire : iam in iraq come back to usa. iam in iraq come back to usa
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goodevry12 : The conventional way would be on an airplane. But if you have to ask, I suppose the conventional way is out of the question. So start swimming.
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sBRwdShx : By plane or ship, as there's no road from the Middle East leading to the American continent.
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Reommodeswaks : get a visa and a green card....if that fails then learn how to swim long distances
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