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uryanw : I have a text showing dates where my daughter's father agreed to take her on vacation and where I given him my dates when I will take her on vacation.

I also have him recorded where he agreed to those dates.

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Blisdibly : Contact a lawyer over the phone, they'll give you free legal advice
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andgeiil : NIN claims that they accept rent agreements as proof of address. So, if I print out my agreement with my landlord (just a random person, not a company), we both sign it and he puts his phone number on it, plus I add utility bill with his name on it (to prove that he lives there), would that be a proof of address good enough for NIN?
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csyez016 : My last year of High school is coming up, and after I graduate I plan on going to The Paul Mitchell School, and please, i'm not in the mood to hear "that school is a rip off, they offer the same teaching and degree as any other school, blah blah" I'm choosing this school because I believe it will be easier for me to find a job at a good salon.
Anyways, my question is, how much of financial aid could be covered? In my situation, my father is currently on disability (SSD) and barely makes any money, and my mom works at a dollar store, so they clearly can't offer me any type of assistance what with them struggling to pay most of our bills.
I know the kit you have to pay for yourself, which I have a while to save 2000, so i'm not worried about that.

Also another question, does anyone know what salons offer health benefits? I ask because I know some of them do, and I would rather get a job down the road with a salon that offers benefits.
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GaspCypeerexy : Federal financial aid typically does not cover cosmetology schools.
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Norbdopocyrenx : I have no health insurance but I need to see a doctor!
I have the mirena IUD, a week ago I was sexually assaulted, but was unable to get a rape kit because of the insurance issue. But now I am having cramps, alot of pressure in my uterus area, my lower abdomen is bloated out, I ended my period 6 days ago and every day a few times a day, when I wipe its a little pink with what looks like some skin particles? It feels like I am constantly leaking discharge, I can feel it leaking out!

Idk if he moved my mirena, or if he gave me and STD but I need to see a doctor. Is there a way I can see one and make payments on the bill or what? I live in California
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enurmouse : If you go to the ER you can get a rape kit, The ER will accept anyone for any reason. It is against the law for any ER worker or doctor to deny anyone a visit for any reason (unless the person is involving in illegal activity inside the hospital) also, if your mirena iud has been moved i understand this can be an serious issue and even an emergency if it is causing any pain or problems. STD's usually dont show up for at least a few days so I wouldnt be so worried about that.

Im not a doctor, but i would guess the mirena is causing the problem and not the person who assaulted you. I dont know if sexual activity can actually move that thing around but im guessing if your using it as birth control and sex can mess up the IUD then it wouldnt make sense, cause every time you would have sex the mirena would move and you would start discharging. Also im very sorry that someone tried to hurt you, they should be locked in prison.

Webmd says if you think your mirena has moved then you need to contact your doctor immediately.
Also its possible the assault had no effect on the mirena, there are commercials on TV all the time for Mirena IUD lawsuits because of malpractice causing the IUD to move in the body. Ive heard some people getting 100,000's of dollars for this so I would strongly encourage you to go to the ER just to see if your IUD thingy has moved. Keep all records and documentation and if your IUD was moved ask the doctor for documentation of the injury. Then google search Mirena IUD lawsuit and see if you have a case.

Good Luck
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beiftequise : think hillary ever got revenge on bill for his infidelity and if so, . think hillary ever got revenge on bill for his infidelity and if so,
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majkhnxm : Yes, she got into politics free & clear.
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elektrorobinXS : Hillary can make Bill a US Ambassador to Libya and then leave him there without any help to be killed by AlQaeda.

She can do it. She did it once already.
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