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LaumbNom : I'm looking to know a price range. My friend needs a lawyer for emancipation & she has money saved up for it & wanted to know if anyone knew like an estimated amount?

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veictemiotors : It will cost a minimum of several thousand dollars. But if she has the financial resources to live on her own, it should not be a problem, right?

Oh, and something like 1% of emancipation applications succeed, so the money is almost certainly being thrown away.
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Conk525nfV : Unless she is already living on her own and supporting herself, this is virtually impossible.

Then it's be possible for under a thousand bucks, as it is just a few forms.
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songfeng202 : It could be from $250.00 an hour to range as much as $10,000.00 when finished.
It depends on the fight that may happen or how easy it can all happen.

But she needs to know this: In order to qualify to be one her own, she is going to
have to show that she has a home (not just somewhere to live as with a friend) and
a job that will sustain her and her costs to live independently from family or friends.
As if she were an adult. Perhaps, she has saved up enough money for this too.
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gethanl : Like, I want to have that look when you see a man who hasn't shaved his face for a day or two. That look Sam Elliot has in the movie roadhouse fits the bill perfectly, but i'm 14 and haven't been able to grow much facial hair (other than sideburns and a little mustache).
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augmery Parriorkmn : You have to wait. Sorry but that's all. You could go to the doc for hormone treatment later in life if it never comes in but right now you're pretty well up a creek. Sorry, man.

14 year olds don't look good with whiskers. It really just looks bad. So you don't want to do that anyway. Just wait a year or two.
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pneulkkem : Hello ........ shave your lower jaw with a razor... soon you will find whiskers ......

I think that this will help you.......
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Sariannes : Well, depending on your other growth and development so far with puberty, if you can ejaculate , you are producing testosterone sufficiently, especially if you have pubes, armpit hair and a happy trail started, and leg hair. Facial is right behind, and you are talking about the 4 o'clock shadow. You will find that won't take shape until early 20's probably.
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sBRwdShx : I have had a bill with the local hospital for a number of years. During that time, I had 2 different job losses, a divorce, an accident where I was hit head-on and totalled my car, yet I still faithfully paid something on my bill, even if it was only $10. During that time I called the hospital and explained the situation and they were agreeable to the $10 per month- on some months I pay more. Now that they have changed billing companies, they tell me this is no longer acceptable. I spoke with someone who deals with billing at the hospital and was told that maybe I should consider skipping my house payment to make a larger payment. I asked for his supervisor, who was to get back to me, but hasn't in nearly 2 months. What can I do? I am a single mom, work full-time, get sporadic child support and have even offered to 'work off' my bill at the hospital. Am I just doomed to go to collections?
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Neenstookem : Do not under any condition skip your house payment. If the hospital can not accept your payment plan, then do not make the payments.
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