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DavidVH : I was sued in Illinois by a collection lawyer who said that I owe a dentist, the dentist office submitted a pre-auth for services, I have that letter of what they stated would be done, when the bill was paid the dentist said that he does not adjust his prices by what the insurance says its priced at, then billed the insurance for something he did not included in the pre-determination that was submitted and I agreed, the dentist office hired a collection lawyer who sued when I wasn't in town so a judgment was entered.. can you sue for false information being used?

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tireargueme : Nope. Your chance to refute their information was when they sued you. Since you decided to not present your defense, you lost your chance to do so.

Sorry I don't have better news for you. Good luck.
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sahCennyKen : You can't sue the collection agency but you can sue the dentist for the amount that the collection agency sued you for plus up to 3 times the amount.
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Pitiarliawn : wait my a nigga doin 3yrs but im raising 4 kids and payn bills. wait my a nigga doin 3yrs but im raising 4 kids and payn bills
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lizatteda : sorry but i think ur not getting answers because your question makes zero sense
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sheenataft : Could you just rephrase that? I don't think anyone can make sense of this.
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brilsBuri : Do you mean should you wait like the dutiful wifey we would all like you to be while your man is doing 3years in the slammer, well only you can answer that. If you are paying the bills Okay with out him, you are asking us really should you be shacking up with another guy to get your itch scratched every now and then, why not? just dont get knocked up for the 5th time.
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Reittyengewem : must be black.... illiterate and incomprehensible
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goodevry12 : What is the Bill # that was slipped in another Bill and passed that means we will be paying for some of the Congress health premiums.
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likelucyru : 1. Michael Jordan(Self explanatory)
2. Bill Russell(Best winner ever)
3. Wilt Chamberlain(Most dominant player)
4. Magic Johnson(Best leader, passer)
5. Kareem Adul-Jabbar(Complete big man)
6. Larry Bird(Only 20-10-5 player ever)
7. Oscar Robertson(Most complete player)
8. Shaquile O'Neal(Unstoppable force)
9. Tim Duncan(Best PF ever)
10. LeBrom James(Most dominant player to ever play that's under 7'0)
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