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NampDeemid : I need a lawyer to call in case of something happens. I don't specifically have a case but want a number to call in case of a "call your lawyer" situation. What type or title of lawyer should I seek out? Thanks

Would this be a criminal defense lawyer?
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free ads : Please select from one of the following options:
1. I am an American it's in the Bill of Rights
2. Everyone else was doing it so I had to in order to compete
3. My Coach made me inject it and I didn't know what it was
4. I had Hay Fever
5. I didn't have Hay Fever but I might have had something sometime
6. I bought it from a Chemist
7. I thought it was a harmless supplement
8. The East Germans did it so I thought it was ok
8. I wanted to go on Oprah and trouser $1,000,000
9. Mark Spitz got away with it so why shouldn't I
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kissme2hy8 : (2) may the best man win or loose(side effects in the end)
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Dreannacron : None of the above. Usually, it's total denial until they're forced to admit it.
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aneloToma : sambo gave it to me
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inferveOnerve : A bad boy did it and ran away (100m)
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mjohne : You missed the most used one: 'I didn't know'.

Out of those, usually it's 6, I used over the counter-meds
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GahAssems : I had a cold and bought this from the corner drug store
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Icupybe : Starting back from November of last year, my girlfriend wanted me to purchase something for her via PayPal using her card. Directly, PayPal wasn't accepting her card because of the bank she used, so I decided to link her card to my prepaid card to see if the transaction would work. Successfully, the transaction went through. This prepaid card of mine is what I use to pay any and all bills that I have. I never unlinked her card from my account because I believed nothing bad would happen if I left it alone. From November of 2012 till May of 2013, her card has been debited a certain amount every month when a bill of mine was due. The company(s) would charge my card, take whatever I have left on the card, and debit her card to make up the total amount. I wasn't aware of the because I would check my bills online and it would show that it's been paid in full from my card. She went to the bank about a week ago because she noticed money being taken out of her account without her knowledge. All of these unauthorized transactions were listed under my name and social, due to my prepaid card. Everything was showing up as being "transferred", which gave her the thought that I had every intention on doing this. She broke up with me on the spot and refuse to hear what I have to say or explain myself because she strongly believes I planned all of this. We were together for 3 and a half years. Now not only her, but her friends and some of her family now practically hates me be amuse of this ordeal and I can't even defend myself... What should or can I do?
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eralfluethift : My fiance and I have been together for at least ten years. Always said we would get married but didn't. Now the unthinkable has happened. She has been diagnosed with an illness that could be terminal. I asked her to marry me but she said no as she feels it would be unfair to leave me with huge medical bills if we marry. Is this correct and if so is there any way around it? We are not rich people but we have always gotten by. She has not been working and I believe is using Medicaid.
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