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ImassyjageDam : I have a trust fund from my fathers death it was set thay I get it at 18 my mother wants to change it to after I graduate college im emancipate myself im 16 can I subpoena for it if im emancipated

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EXmira : Not sure of the exact stipulations for your case but I don't believe your mother can change your trust fund unless she is written in the contract. In the end, it's your fund and you are the beneficiary so if you have a problem just contact a lawyer and they will get it straightened out.
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suethoche : Please select from one of the following options:
1. I am an American it's in the Bill of Rights
2. Everyone else was doing it so I had to in order to compete
3. My Coach made me inject it and I didn't know what it was
4. I had Hay Fever
5. I didn't have Hay Fever but I might have had something sometime
6. I bought it from a Chemist
7. I thought it was a harmless supplement
8. The East Germans did it so I thought it was ok
8. I wanted to go on Oprah and trouser $1,000,000
9. Mark Spitz got away with it so why shouldn't I
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IsombDumNub : because cheating is always better
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Dowlfooliog : Completely Underground House, no roof sticking half of the house sticking out.. pletely my opinion its the future of housing...the advantages are get an average temperature year-round in the house, around 60 degrees, you don't have to clean out gutters, don't have to worry about natural disasters except earthquakes, no tornadoes, no snow storms, no high winds breaking glass, no roof changing. pletely underground..and it also saves so much space above ground for either work or recreational use..make businesses on top or thing people might ask is, "oh what about ventilation" you can make vents that tube up to the top and get fresh air, or vent out smoke for cooking or whatever. and also for a little more, you could put solar panels in the ground and get your own personal electricity...and also when it rains, you could create a water storage area and boom you have water to filter and use...that right there cuts bills down for housing tremendously. I want all opinions...however if you make the coment "oh its stupid" dont post it...its just a creative idea
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Artedeendulse : Ill be waiting to see it on the show extreme homes. HGTV :)
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SageStigmamex : I used to crawl around in some places, that I can only describe as underground structures. If it's big enough, and a person can get used to the lighting yeah I can see it. I also like the monolithic concrete dome homes. I'm sure you've seen them in the magazines
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bakaraannkov : The title says most of it, but I would add a little more detail.
If you are a user on sites such as solarmovies, you might know that to stream a video, you need to create a free account. And with this free account, it asks me for my credit card number for registration.
As you can see here: https://www.movielush /signup
It also states:
Why do we ask you for your billing information?
"Because we are only licensed to distribute certain movies to certain countries, we ask that you verify your mailing address by providing us with a valid credit card number. We GUARANTEE that NO CHARGES will be applied for validating your account. No charges will appear on your credit card statement unless you upgrade to a Premium Membership or make a purchase."
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Ugg53503 : PLEASE NO BASHING I have a serious question. I've searched all over but I can't find anything on what I specifically need to know.
Alright, my question is: Can you still get the Child Tax Credit even if no one in the household is getting an actual work income?
(before I get any rude answers, here's the details)
My daughter is almost 15 months old.
Last year we were able to claim her for the tax credit because her father had to file taxes because be was working almost 2/3 of the year (she was about 8 months old at the time)
Well in September of last year he decided to go back to college to be able to get a better job and support us (specifically our daughter) better.
While he's doing this we've been living off financial aid and student loans. He hasn't gotten a job so he could focus is all on his homework to get good grades.
This year is first year where he hasn't worked at all, since he was 15 (he's 23 now)
And I wanted to ask this question because we were hoping that maybe we still could get the tax cred because it would help A LOT with bills. But he doesn't think he can because he hasn't actually worked at all.
But I figured I'd ask just in case.
Anyway, thanks in advance for anyone who helps.
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pagUttetlebut : Sorry, but if neither of you have an income you will not qualify for the child tax credit, additional child tax credit or earned income credit.

The most the child tax credit can do is reduce your income tax liability to zero. If you have no income tax liability, there is nothing to reduce. Both the additional child tax credit and earned income credit can give you a refund even if you haven't had any taxes withheld, but they both require earned income (income from working or self employment).
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