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theomarttesqarxvd : According to news sources, in order for federal civil rights charges to be brought against Zimmerman, the case "would require evidence that Zimmerman harbored racial animosity against Martin."

Is there evidence of this? How would the Zimmerman's lawyers defend him against such charges?
@Michael - Is that the evidence by which you would convict a man of civil rights violations? A whimsical hypothetical in which, in your mind, if Trayvon Martin had been white he would not have been suspected? Besides, Zimmerman initially called the police because the suspect appeared suspicious for having his head covered and strolling in the rain, looking at houses. When Zimmerman was asked the ethnicity of the suspect, he responded "He looks black," implying that he was initially unsure of the suspect's ethnicity.

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Spredogrek : No evidence. You can't judge convict someone of such accusations by what you think they thought. Remember, can't flim flam the zim zam
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Wichegog : In 46 911 calls he reported "suspicious persons" near his home. Every single one, EVERY SINGLE SUSPICIOUS PERSON, was black. There was nobody who was not black. No Asians, no Hispanics, no whites, ONLY BLACKS. That's why. He only found blacks to be suspicious.

Now I find that suspicious.

Someone said that You can't judge convict someone of such accusations by what you think they thought". Apparently they did not know that the killer's state of mind are critical to first, second, and third degree murder as well as manslaughter and aggravated assault and that Zimmerman's supposed state of mind was critical to the jury's decision.
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josede73sk : The FBI came out before the trial saying there is no proof. There is also a history of tutoring black youth and multiple examples of not being racist as he would have ample ability to sue Eric Holder for false arrest and harassment if charges were filed
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baofu125 : I don't know if there is evidence. Although when the police recordings first came out it was thought he had said "these coons always get away" instead of "these assholes always get away". And coons is a racial term for blacks. I don't know why it changed, maybe they decided that wasn't what he said or some other reason.
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Louisepolia1999 : I never really understood how race had anything to do with this. The grassroots movement was initially against Sanford PD, then somehow Zimmerman (a Chicano!!) became the center of a race debate. The justice system predominately targets Blacks and Latinos making this a lousy platform to bring up race.

@ bcnu: The term Chicano predominately means a Mexican/Latino-American, however- it's use is varied and can mean a number of things. Wikipedia has about 13 different uses for the word "Chicano" and here is one:
"White", "Mix" or mixed race people, or the transracial/Passing (race) identity issues of Mexican-Americans." George Zimmerman identified as "Latino" - making this a moot point anyway.
Is there any other misinformation I can help you with?
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FriendKennedy : The evidence actually supports the opposite conclusion.

The answer by @Cantankerous is hilarious. If there were 46 black criminals observed by George, he wouldn't very well have reported them as being "white", now would he? It's not his fault that every criminal he saw happened to be black. That's like saying you can't report someone because of their race, when in fact you can (and should) report EVERY criminal regardless of his or her race, which is what George did.

Prove I'm wrong, beyond a reasonable doubt, and we'll go from there.

Edit: For benefit of @Stinky, George is not even slightly "Chicano." Look it up, genius.
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Cetuneld : none

the newz is just using psychological warfare against those folks who have a hard time using their brains

the BIG LIE is, people who hear something over and over have a tendency to believe what they hear as if it were truth......that is the big lie technique used in psychological warfare

it doesn't work too well on people who have figured out the technique and who the liars are

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JedoLuddy : Ask yourself this question: would Zimmerman have followed Trayvon Martin, if Martin had been white? Can you really honestly say "yes" to that?
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Kaitlyn_Iowa : Please select from one of the following options:
1. I am an American it's in the Bill of Rights
2. Everyone else was doing it so I had to in order to compete
3. My Coach made me inject it and I didn't know what it was
4. I had Hay Fever
5. I didn't have Hay Fever but I might have had something sometime
6. I bought it from a Chemist
7. I thought it was a harmless supplement
8. The East Germans did it so I thought it was ok
8. I wanted to go on Oprah and trouser $1,000,000
9. Mark Spitz got away with it so why shouldn't I
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