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lnwtkmywjzdo : I want to register a trademark for my band. There is a toy of the same name that was trademarked but now it says abandoned/dead. Would the USPTO let me register my band's name if this trademark of the same name exists but is listed as DEAD and ABANDONED?

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Dallas3040 : The USPTO typically only refuses registration due to "confusing similarity" with REGISTERED or pending (but LIVE) applications, not those that have been cancelled or abandoned.

However, the fact that registration in the USA is completely optional anyway means you could still be immediately sued by some or all of the existing (unregistered) users of that brand or anything similar, assuming your use would create a "likelihood of confusion."

Note: "DEAD" for any reason merely refers to the federal registration, not the trademark itself.

For proper "trademark clearance search" you have to check a lot more than simply the federal registrations; there are 50 state registration databases, business-name registrations, plus domain names, plus any other use of the brand or anything that sounds, appears or means the same as yours...

A local trademark lawyer can certainly assist you in commissioning a comprehensive search and clearance opinion, assuming you're planning to put any time, money or effort into building your brand (e.g., ads, labels, or other marketing) that will be totally wasted if you're force to change.
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alexpril : What will i need to pay for?
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ytcyseo : It can cost anywhere from $80-$120 p/w. but it can be lower or higher depending on the person you are leasing from.

When you lease a horse, the money you pay goes towards feeding, vet bills, farrier etc... and in return you get to ride 3-4 times a week (more or less depending on person)

You will need to ask the person you are leasing the horse from about the conditions and details of leasing a horse before you do anything.
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ojeaciekre : if i need to put in my card info and the fee is 0.00 s up on my card bill. if i need to put in my card info and the fee is 0.00 s up on my card bill
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waxBoyday : All credit card use is recorded, but it depends what you need it for
I'm going to say yes
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uttentulp : Bastards!!!!
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Quawsibia : If you've set a credit or debit card card on your account to pay for downloads then perhaps it has expired.
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arcadiorm : Cause they want the ability to bill you if perhaps you download something that's costs money
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Lerosyv : I like any pork, especially bacon.
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