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Tiniimqerfv : I made a mistake and started smoking weed with the thought, "My PO never tests me anyway." I gave into peer pressure. I had been clean for a long time. However, an incident happened where I let someone use my vehicle & I guess they hit a mailbox or something & someone seen & called the cops. The cops came to my house, took that person to jail, and asked permission to search my home & I let them. Of course they didn't find anything. But now, I'll probably get in trouble for association & will probably get UA'd because apparently this person is a known drug user/seller. I didn't even know him, he was my roommate's friend. Anyway, since he has a bad rep, I'll probably get UA'd. I have someone that is going to give me clean pee, but I'm not sure how to get it in the cup without getting caught. My thoughts are to put it in a 5 hour energy bottle with seran wrap over it and poke a small hole in in, but I don't know how to do it without her seeing me. Can someone please help!? Please don't bother leaving any smart *** remarks about quit using drugs or whatever. I know that already & was clean for a long time. In other words, if you don't have anything to say that will help me pass my UA, then don't say anything at all please. Thank you in advance to anyone who has any helpful answers. Thank you, Don't Want to go to Prison. If you don't have a helpful answer DON'T BOTHER ANSWERING JUST TO GET POINTS!! AND YES I KNOW I MADE A MISTAKE I DON'T NEED ANYONE TO TELL ME THAT & CALLING A LAWYER IS POINTLESS, AN LAWYER CAN'T DO SHIT IN THIS SITUATION. IF YOU DON'T HAVE A SERIOUS, HELPFUL ANSWER, THEN DON'T BOTHER ANSWERING & WASTING MY TIME OR I'LL REPORT IT!!!!

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ganelsalevx : If you do not get any useful answers, you might want to re-post this under a different category. Here we tend to give advice on how to legally deal with law and ethical dilemmas, not advice on how to circumvent the law. I'm not sure which category would be more appropriate, you will need to browse and see what you can find. Also, people more likely to have the answers you are looking for tend to be on the site late night, early morning, so you might want to try posting it then.

But, to provide an answer to your question, perhaps tell her you can't pee if someone is watching?
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BizDyereedimi1970 : Made a mistake my ass. If it was a mistake, you'd be living up to it, not looking for someone else to piss for you.
No one is going to help you break the law here.
Take your excuses and your threats elsewhere.
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cskc8057 : How do Navy deployments work?
Is it every 18-24 months you go out on a ship for 10-12 days and train with some extended leaves up to 6 months and then after the 18-24 months you are stationed shore duty for 2-3 years?
Or how does it work? If it helps I'm looking into becoming a nurse.
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Sleeryrub : Deployments depend on the type of command you are attached to (cruiser, destroyer, carrier, SeaBees, &c) and the job you do in the Navy. For officers (which include nursing), sea time is considered critical for advancement; for enlisted not quite so much, but it depends on the rating.

I can only speak of my own experience. Bear in mind with the Sequester, deployment schedules are changing (generally becoming longer).

I was an aviation electronics technician. The sea-shore rotation for that rating is 36 months sea duty and 36 months shore duty.

Attached to aircraft squadrons, we would start work-ups (short training missions), followed by a six-month deployment overseas, then return for a stand-down period before beginning work-ups again.

This usually meant at least two long deployments during a three-year tour, plus all the work-ups. I then rotated to shore duty for three years.

In my case the normal sea-shore rotation was interrupted as I went to recruiting duty, followed by overseas shore duty.
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hanoInsoxia : With all due respect to James...........aviation electronics people are with the fly boys, so they come with the airplanes and go with the airplanes, its not the same as being actually attached to a ship.
The rotation I experienced as a regular electronics tech on a ship was 5 years sea with 2 years shore.
And mind you, that rotation can be violated by your detailer, and accident or drunken hang over or not, your stuck with what he gives you. I had 10 years and 2 months at back to back sea going commands (3 ships total) because of that. So no so called Navy rule is set in stone.
That being said, you have basically had an 18 month work up to your next deployment, so you go out, train in general quarter stations, fire fighting, mass casualties, mass conflagration, survivability, first aid, etc, etc, then you deploy for what might start off as a 6 month deployment, but that can change as well. I recall being stationed in the gulf while Iraq was mis-behaving. We didn't leave station for 8 months, mostly as support duties and at that time a tsunami hit Bangladesh and we started doing relief efforts.
I will agree that the Sequestor has changed things a little, but I hardly think things could be worse than I had it with an initial 5-2 rotation and violation of my sea-shore rotation from some shmuck in DC whom obviously couldn't count.
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Miketymn : The deployments are 9 months now. Even for squadrons attached to the ship
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theomarttestmk : First off, the term "deployment" implies an underway operation that's going to last a minimum of 8 weeks; plans are made for the crew to get advanced pay to pay bill ahead of time, and pretty much the entire crew deploys with the vessel or squadron. 10-12 days is nothing - that's just local operations or a small underway period for training.

Sea/Shore rotations vary by rate, but it's typically 3 years sea duty and 2 years shore duty. Of course that's not always the case; for myself, I had 5 years sea duty and 3 years ashore, primarily at training commands.

Deployment times vary by vessel type; for example, Carriers and their escort vessels typically deploy for 9 months or more, depending on the global threat situation. Submarines will deploy for anywhere from 2-5 months (rarely longer unless it's a super-special op); even as an escort for a Carrier Battle Group, they'll only be attached to it for a couple of months before being relieved by another boat. This is due to the fact that submarines cannot resupply at sea like ships can, and carry a normal max loadout of 90 days for food. It can be stretched to be sure, but attitudes and morale start getting dismal after about 70 days submerged.

POM (Pre-Overseas Movement) Training will always be performed prior to actual deployment, though drill and training for crew are always ongoing when you're underway deployed.

For medical staff, it really depends on where you're stationed, e.g., hospital ship or a regular line ship/submarine.
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Graiccaky : question asking is down 9.6% from monday. do to fix this. question asking is down 9.6% from monday. do to fix this
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XRbertie : Nothing.
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