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DalVelmactill : I have started a new contract with my employer (have semi retired so although worked in the same place for many year got a new contract). There are several people at the same grade yet I am the only one who is expected to be flexible on the days/ shifts I do (I am part time). When I asked my employer why one of the others could not take a turn of doing the day people don't want to do, he said that as they had longer contracts they have "historical rights" to days they normally work etc. However none of us have specific days to work in our contracts. Am I write in thinking that we all would adhere to our working terms and conditions and that unless they had of had family friendly contracts or specific days to work in their contracts I am being not treated equally. Is there anything I can look at ie legislations as I am meeting HR and employer very soon to discuss this issue.

And things are so bad now that I have had to give in my notice, but just want to make a point that its unfair, when I am staying late being flexible and other colleagues at the same level not taking their turn of staying late or being expected to change days etc like myself, and the manger is quoting this term "historical rights" just want him to know I am not a walk over.
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likelucyru : You signed a new contract that didn't include historical rights you signed them away,
As this government want people to work longer you might be able to claim constructive dismissal go and see c.a.b but as you signed a new contract you might find unfair dismissal is not an option as you have not been there over 2 years as you started again
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jellettmictez : if you worked continuously - no break in employment, although your job role /hours may have changed, you have continuous employment.

if you are doing the same job role, to treat one or more differently is discrimination.
They would have to define a different job role eg flexible or non-flexible worker and the conditions be different.

Your new contract does not really change anything, if it is a discriminatory contract.
But if your hours were different, and it was defined in the contract that you were flexible, then yes you implicitly are different in role.

Historical rights - suggests that someone just does not want to rock the boat
If they had argued 'different job role' they would have been on better grounds.

Still, ultimately it is down to you, and how important this job is,
or perhaps, despite appearing to be 'unfair', there is an alternate benefit that you could work out, that the others would not have (that would in practice be of greater benefit to you).

Go talk to an employment lawyer about 'constructive dismissal'
i.e. making your job so difficult, you had no choice but to resign
but you will need good notes and evidence
CAB maybe able to point you to one. - Discrimination at work

CAB (change area of country if needed)
Introduction to discrimination
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gerceWedy : Your rights have been breached. You had Continuous employment.

Check your Household Insurance Policy - you may have a legal expenses extension on it and may have up to £50,000 of legal costs. If so contact them and get advice and make a claim. Ignore what they say, ask for a claim form.
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Cackaragtuts : (We live in the state of Oklahoma)
I have been baby sitting my nephew for the past three months and his mother always brings him with terrible smells. His neck always sweaty and smells like rotten milk, and his clothes dirty and smelly. His diaper is constantly full when she takes care of him. He always cries and fusses with her, but he is a very good baby with me. I always shower him and do everything the way it's supposed to be done. (not trying to brag I'm just getting to the facts) recently, he was hospitalized and apparantely had a respiratory virus. (For 3 months she gave him tap water) also when I visit her house it is penetrated with the smell of smoke. His diaper bag reeks. His clothes always smells like her house. (Cigarette smell and a nasty cat that they own) her room is VERY dirty and when I can't watch him she has her alcoholic mom watch him. The baby is still coughing very badly and he nearly chokes in his sleep every night. I believe it's because of her house smell. She lives with her mom and pays no bills. Her mom bought her car and payed it off and also pays her insurance. Her mom also pays her phone bill. She is a 60 yr old lady.(alcoholic) my nephew always comes with the same clothes. He has only five outfits and he's been wearing them since he was 2 1/2 months old. So my mom and I bought him some bibs and socks and shoes (which his mom never had, he never wore shoes bibs of socks until my mom bought him some and he only wears them here at my house) she does not shower him EVER. I am the one that showers him regularly and cares for him the most. He also always comes with rashes and I cure them for him. Now, my brother just got out of jail 2 weeks ago for having a weapon in the vehicle and drug paraphernalia. He is seeing the conditions in which his son is in and absolutely hates it. He already has a job and gets payed 12$ an hour working mon-fri 8am-430pm while I watch his son. He is making great changes and wants to get full custody of his son.
His mom works 8-6 m-f and 8-1 on Saturday. When she arrives to "pick him up" she doesn't focus on him she focuses on what my brother is doing and only cares about my brother. Instead of buying her son some clothes she buys my brother pointless things. I'm mostly concerned about my nephews health. I don't want him to become MORE of a victim to second hand smoke AND alcoholics.
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Jeniferxfs, : All states differ for custody laws I live in mi but I would call cps it sounds like a clear case of neglect document all if this starting with the next time u watch the baby but it sounds like he should have no problem getting custody
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lolowsNem : Call CPS. If your brother wants custody, he'll work with them.
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Spummakem : Well, the conditions in which she keeps the house are unacceptable for a baby. The baby could definitely keep getting sick in that filth. Also the fact that she leaves the baby with an alcoholic is a safety issue. Judges are not usually too keen taking children from the mothers. Yes, your brother has a job but he also has a record and his previous charges and incarceration are definitely something the judge will take into consideration. If you already care for the baby, you are going to have to go at this with your brother. You would propose that the baby go into your custody while your brother offers his financial support. Again, judges are not too keen on keeping babies from mothers, so if they agree it would probably be a temporary thing while the mother gets her own place and maybe takes some court ordered parenting classes.
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andgeiil : NIN claims that they accept rent agreements as proof of address. So, if I print out my agreement with my landlord (just a random person, not a company), we both sign it and he puts his phone number on it, plus I add utility bill with his name on it (to prove that he lives there), would that be a proof of address good enough for NIN?
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exeveable : Whether you like Obama or not the fact is that he is the king the Bible says will be a raiser of taxes and die a few days after that and then be replaced by the Anti-christ who was one ofthe former 7 kings, or in this case former presidents!

When George W. Bush was president there were "5 former living presidents" until the death of Ronald Reagan on June 5, 2004! They were..........

1. Gerald Ford
2. Jimmy Carter
3. Ronald Reagan
4. George H. W. Bush
5. Bill Clinton

They are the 5 fallen kings in Rev. 17:10

Revelation 17:10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, [and] the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.

That means that George W. Bush was the 6th king who is mentioned as (and one is) which means present tense! Or that he would be the king or in this case the president at the point in time that these 5 former pres. were alive! Also the 7th king (Barack Obama) who is yet to come was also alive at that very point in time!

The Bible also says that Barack Obama the 7th king will die in office and be replaced by the Anti-christ who is one of these former kings/presidents!

Revelation 17:11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

In Danial 11 it says that the king/pres. just before the Anti-christ will be a raiser of taxes and he will die within a few days after that, neither in anger, nor in battle! That raiser of taxes is Obama the 7th king in Rev. 11:10 and that tax increase just might be "obamacare!"

Dan. 11:20 Then shall stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes [in] the glory of the kingdom: but within few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle.
Dan. 11:21 And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.

Also you can read my web page at www.prophetelijahspeaks.freewebspace
I started it July 5, 2004 typed in black and after the election i added on to it in red type!
Obama is not a king but is president but there is not really that much difference it's all the same only 2,000 years ago!
I was just wondering if there was anyone out there that was intelligent enough to understand this!?
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