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ZextEpireerve : I live in Kentucky and with 3 of my younger cousins were arrested and sent to a juvenile detention center for 48 hours and were charged with Criminal Mischief 3rd degree ( Class B Misdemeanor) went to court and was sentenced to very strict probation until sentencing next Wednesday, First time offender, good kid, good grades, 15 years old, just a stupid mistake and regret every bit of it. The whole thing has scarred me, I'm losing sleep at night worried about going back to jail, what is going to happen to me? I am so scared and worried, I have my own private attorney, can anyone please help. Chances I will see jail time?
To get the charge we lit a bag of bathroom garbage on fire on a guys porch and knocked on the doorbell and ran, nothing was damaged just a burn spot on the porch. Just a practical joke gone wrong. Nothing hostile or aggrevated. Also, I know it probably doesn't matter but I didn't light the bag I just stood on the porch and ran.The cop that was taking us to the juvenile center said it was some petty bullshit misdemeanor.

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tedThyday : why would you believe a thug ! Petty ? a misdemeanor is a crime no matter what > and it always seemed to me that stealing is considered a full time job in Kentucky..
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esyez004 : you have asked this question...what..10 times??
stop saying "but it was just a practical joke"... it was vandalism, damage to someone's home and someone could have been hurt.
Get answers from your lawyer. Or some anti anxiety pills from your dr.
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Tevyemalm : My son, Luke, is... well, a teenager. He can be best described as a "rebel". I keep trying to connect with him through this spiritual bond we have, but he denies that I'm his father! He can be a bit sensitive, sometimes he’ll just stare at the sunsset. I'm working really hard on getting him ready to take on the family business for when he gets older, but he doesn't seem to like my profession. I am in charge of a large imperial business that supplies many, many, many jobs in security & construction. But my son is sometimes literally trying to bring down my business! I cannot betray my boss! He simply doesn’t understand how much effort I’ve invested into my empire, I’ve been working on this since sith grade!

Doesn't Luke see that he's just hurting his future self?

He also hangs around with a bunch of punks. I don't trust his friends, one of them even owns this 8 foot tall dog and is driving my son around his reckless vehicle. I even read on Spacebook that Luke’s friend let the 8 foot tall dog drive the dang vehicle! One of his female friends is part of the rebel alliance and a traitor, I condemn her intentions! All of my son's friends are rebels, is he simply just surrounded by a lot of bad influence? Perhaps I could find new ways to motivate them…

He is getting to the age where he could become more, err... powerful, than me. My manager as foreseen this. I’m a disabled veteran, I have serious health conditions including heavy breathing problems, mechanical hands & feet, along with many other problems that requires me to carry machines with me to literally prevent me from dying. I'm like a scary robocop, and I think Luke might be embarrassed by me. When 50 years old you age, look as good you will not, hmm?

Now I will admit, I haven't been a great father. Luke's mother died in childbirth and I was exactly around too much when Luke was growing up in his early years, but I work a very time-consuming job. There also has been some domestic violence, but I told Padme: “When you pay the lightsaber bills around here, you can slaughter younglings any way you like. For now, you live in my Death Star.” But then we had an ‘incident’ (not my fault, my friend turned her against me) and I never saw her again.

For his birthday, I was going to get him one of them Iphones, but his uncle got him a Droid instead. TWO droids actually (show-off, I know). I had one of those cards that play a pre-recorded audio clip when you open it. I thought it was rather clever, I sang this song that all the kids are singing. What I said was:
“? Hey, I just met you, ?
? And this is crazy ?
? But I’m your father, ?
? So join me maybe ?”
But he just yelled “NO!” in my face and took extreme measures to get away from me. I shoud’ve got him a pet Bantha instead. He underestimates my power.

I’ll be honest, I’m not the most “tolerant” person. My admirals, err… co-workers, are constantly failing me and one of these days it will be for the last time. Its just I’m the project manager for a huge project and its very stressful, I cannot tolerate failure!

I've tried and tried to bond with Luke. I can... sense... some sort of spiritual bond between us, but I can't play any sports with him because of my health problems! Not even shockboxing! Please help me figure out how to bond with my teenage son, I’ve been looking for the answer in Alderaan places!

Please help me Yahoo Answers, you’re my only hope.
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aliefique : I honestly don't care, and most other people will agree with me.
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Abinicambicus : I love how you put way too much time into this question, kudos.
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Alea_SPe : Take him out for a friendly game of handball.
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neoclaliolf : Leave your past behind you.
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pacifikbad : Here's what you do. You throw your boss down a really long, dangerous pit in front of him and he'll totally think you're awesome!
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gethanl : Like, I want to have that look when you see a man who hasn't shaved his face for a day or two. That look Sam Elliot has in the movie roadhouse fits the bill perfectly, but i'm 14 and haven't been able to grow much facial hair (other than sideburns and a little mustache).
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