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backlink service : My sons mother got a restraining order on me 3 yrs ago because I tried to go see my son on Father's Day. This year it expired on the 12th but she tried to get her boyfriend to fight me and I ignored them both. Now she is trying to renew my restraining order and make it permanent and says I violated the restraining order and threatened her and she claims she has a detective building a case on me. Everything she said in the files was a lie and don't want to loose my son over lies. I was told I might need a lawyer but don't have money to pay one. Any ideas on how I should go about this

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FLestesWP : Do you have a visitation order to see your son in place? If not, you need to file a motion to get one so that you can see him. You need to stay away from your ex and her boyfriend...when dropping off/picking up the child, do it at the police station. That way she cannot start a fight with you or say that you threatened her. All necessary contact should be done via certified mail, and save copies of everything you send her.
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daunkwoorousa : Check for a legal aid office in your area. They offer free or low cost services. Keep calling around until you find someone to help.You need to stay away from her until you get this straightened out because she can use everything against you. I suggest you stay out of any type of trouble because they will look for any and every reason to keep you away. Once you find someone to help you legally you can at least ask for visitation rights. Good luck.
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prognorgo : she sounds like a real tricky person. Shhe is trying to keep you out of her and your child's life. thats selfish. She even tried to have you beat up. There are some lawyers out there that will help you out even if you dont have money. just flip through the yellow pages you know there's like a whole section for attorneys lol. You have every right to visit your son. that babymama need to chill and put her drama aside because if God forbid she died tomorrow, your son would be turned over to you anyway.
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choillLiels : Shes probably doing this out of anger. No baby mom wants their child around any other women that the baby daddy may be dating due to jealousy. If you are doing what you are suppose to in supporting your child, she can not restrict you from spending QT with your child. Go to court and file for visitation. If she still does not allow you to spend QT with your child she can loose custody of your son and you can get gain custody. You can also request for joint custody if you live a stable life ask the courts to allow your son 3 day a week in your care in your home and you will get that approved by the court. Your baby mom can do nothing if the court rules in your favor...don't take matters into your own hands because you will loose. Start making a lil journal of the days and times your have attempted to spend time with your son and she disapproved. Write down conversations keep texts as proof that you are indeed attempting to spend time with your child. Get all the proof you can and file for visitation!
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hafTraill : Everyone wants to be happy. Who doesn't? What if though, apart from any specific religion, a sort of Christianic "rapture" were to happen. It's really difficult in this world to put "good" into one gigantic melting pot. Or is it? So many religions with so many similarities.

For the most part I believe that most people are born good. Certain circumstances, and certain situations can sway this however. A good, hard-working and friendly man who has no problems helping people out could get mad. To the point where it effects people who he does not want to harm. No it's me morons.

Then there are people who are just born wrong. Paragraph finished.

I don't know what to say. I guess it is yer intent. I guess it comes down to what you want. I guess it comes down to if yer "wants" bypass other peoples' lives. We were all children at one point in time. We all have faced troubles in our lives. Some turn evil, turn into living lies. Some subject to unrightful powers. Some keep on living right. Some open up emerald clam shells.

Some keep on driving on, turn left, right, STOP because a sign told you to do so. Be careful of the robots. Some are human. Some are not. You can always tell by the color in their eyes. Ever thought of a world without money? Of course not. You are not programmed to do so.

But how will I pay for my bills? Cell phones, internet, car payments,
payments locked into a twisted grandfather clock

What if "Jesus" came down from the Heavens and said to you, "Screw it.I am so disappointed in all of you. My father gave you all the advice that any of you could ever need to live together in perfect harmony. But you fucked it all up. You chose eternity in hell over heaven."

He caught you didn't he? He caught you hook, line, and sinker. With one of your own. And it worked. But hey, money will buy you out of it. Money will buy you anything if you have enough of it. You could be rich. You could be famous.
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itatuilmelf : Such a skeptic! To answer your question, subjective happiness is truly happiness. Any kind of happiness is happiness and happiness is dependent on one's opinion of their state of being. You seem to criticize those who are already unhappy and who are most inclined to embrace Jesus when he comes. Remember the first time he came and who accepted him and who rejected him.

It isn't that we don't want to live in perfect harmony, it's that we can't because we don't make each other happy. Our happiness is subject to the self and not outside of the self. That is why Jesus must abide within you. I cannot abide within you and so I can do nothing really but piss you off. If, however, you saw Christ abiding in me (the same Christ that abides in you), we can live in harmony abiding together in the same Christ that abides in both of us. How is that for a philosophical statement?

Objective happiness is illogical because happiness is completely within the mind. Happiness is always subjective and therefore subjective happiness is true. Otherwise, there would be no such thing as happiness, but there is because there really are happy people in this world.
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focasinome : Happiness as such is always subjective. I do not find any objective happiness that can be defined with limited boundary.
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lsophiaj : Feeling better now?
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Pitiarliawn : wait my a nigga doin 3yrs but im raising 4 kids and payn bills. wait my a nigga doin 3yrs but im raising 4 kids and payn bills
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