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undenemsHinia : I think my dad has a good case. But he is not moving or budging, its been 4 years. still nothing. he is really old and I dont think he is going to complete the case before he die. I think theres something suspicious going on with the lawyer.

Whats happening..?

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ComprarViagraAR : There is a time limit for a lawsuit. If nothing is going on then you won't be able to sue. Time to find a new lawyer.
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booriiss : Try asking the lawyer. He is the only one in the world that knows.
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appageBak : lawsuits take time, mine took 3 years.
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preadledema : My family wants to borrow my vacation house my husband says no because last time they were down there they had their kids and dogs and they were bringing their friends down there as well when we clearly told them no. It's not that we don't trust them, but they mess and tear up everything and didn't offer to replace anything or pay for the damages they caused, they let their two dogs tear up my great great gmothers pillow she hand made, my brand new curtains and some more stuff that was highly expensive and unreplaceable/limited. They would leave trash everywhere left the water running never turned it off they left the electricity on which made the bills go sky high. They left stains on the carpet, countertops, left food to mold in the fridge, never cleaned the bathroom up, it was filthy. The deal was when they went down there they would treat it as if it was there home ((which they keep their house spotless, but when it comes to someone else's house noo)) My husband and i talk about letting them go back down there since they are family, but they cost us to much and they don't clean up after theirself or when they leave. I just would like to say no to them without making it sound like we don't trust them. I can tell that when they ask to go down there my husband gets mad. I love the family, but it's taking a huge toll on us with having two put financing on that house after they mess it up.

P.s last time we went back down there after they left we had to replace the carpet or flooring because they let something leak and never told us about it.
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Do not be a doormat and let these people destroy your vacation home, that's your luxury and these people are fucking it up and charging you up the rear. You don't trust these people either, because of the damages they never cared to inform you about. Tell them the truth. Do not feel bad because they're your family, they should understand your feelings and realize it's not O.K. to act like monkeys and destroy your house.
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kissme2hy8 : (2) may the best man win or loose(side effects in the end)
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Dreannacron : None of the above. Usually, it's total denial until they're forced to admit it.
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aneloToma : sambo gave it to me
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