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Usathepoutouh : Hi,
I am potentially being sued by a doctor for a check that my insurance company told me was for "medical bills", so I paid off all my bills to find out that I owed all the money to one doctor. I now have a lawyer contacting me telling me they want $5000 a month (I only make about $1500 a month and feed and insure a child and her father). I don't own any property, and my one vehicle I had I signed over to my fiance recently because I can not afford the insurance and gas, and it's really hard for me to drive after my spine surgery. What can happen to me? I am so nervous I am a young struggling mom with nothing. I live in New York. Anything will be helpful! I was in financial hell after my surgery, thought I dug myself out only to find I dug myself deeper. I don't even think bankruptcy is an option because I got the funding to pay them even though the insurance could have specified it was for ONE doctor not "MEDICAL BILLS".. Please no rude comments, I am stressed out enough as it is.. I just need to know if I'm going to be out on the streets because these people are taking every dime I make after judgment, is that possible?... I tried to offer a couple hundred a month and they simply wont take it..

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waytotruemann : he will win and they will garnish your wages.. But it wont be $5,000 a month. It will probababy be A$100.00=$200.00 A month it will go off your income
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zerneerseKade : That is pretty selfish of them really tho they are money hungry. its best to well in my case i had dat happen but i had nothing to give them. so i talk to collection company that it went to after they couldnt get a dime from me and work a budget amount. but for these money hungry going to court and talking to the judge about your situation and to put on the table about how much you can afford to pay can help cuz it shows u can pay it all back but not as much as they want. they can get mad but they cant do dat well from my experience and dont stress u jus had surgery nad u got ur family take it easy. there is alot of ways to get help like free legal aid etc talking to attorneys with free consultations etc. you can research alot on this.
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TORBLOORORDIXOD : Start sending them something asap. $10. $25. $75. Whatever you can that won't hurt you more financially. They might say they won't accept smaller amounts (over the phone aka credit card payments) but THEY HAVE TO accept any payment you offer/send (oh and send money orders and keep the stub or better yet copy each money order before mailing!). If this bill is legit, it looks like you are going to WANT to let them sue you. If they bring you to court and you've been paying them small amounts each shows YOU'RE TRYING and, the judge could potentially rule in your favor making the bill go away. the doctor directly. If they try to say they can't talk to you because the account is in collections...keep pushing to talk to them. Try to pay THEM each month. Tell them about the collections office and what they're doing. If the collection agency is harassing you, you can actually SUE THEM! Google it!
But hun, don't worry about medical bills this much. You're trying to do what you can...these people make a living bullying people.
Oh, and I'd get to the bottom of why your insurance left so much unpaid. This could all be from a billing code error.
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trelfHexrurry : My dad bought me a car back in 2011 from a used car dealer ship. The car was 5,303. He paid 5000 for it all at once in cash! Leaving a balance of 303. Which he never mentioned to me. I got the registration by mail but never got the title. Never paid so much attention to it. But as i came to renew my tags i asked at the dmv where my title was because i had never gotten it. They said the dealer still had it. So i went to the dealer and they said the repossession people had it! Now are they lying or what! Cuz from what i have read repossessions are only on loans for cars. And then they said they had sent me to collections for non payment? And how possible when i not once got a call, bill, or letter from them stating i owed them money. Neither did i get a single collection call or bill either? Are the trying to scam me and not give me my title??? I have the money to paid what my father owed and i told them that! I have been calling daily to see what is going on with the situation and the owner of the dealership is avoiding my calls and not returning my measages! Can someone please give me some advice or let me know whAt i should do??? Btw i live in the state of Oregon. Thanks
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Kifeinfeteeks : Your purchase agreement will have what your father paid, what was owed and what was expected for any payment terms. If they did not provide huim with a payment schedule with very specific information included, they violated laws. My guess is they gave your father a copy to sign, and he signed it without paying attention to what he was signing, included in a big stack of other legal papers surrounding the purchase. If they can give you a copy of that contract, they have you. If not, you might need to hire a lawyer to collect on the car and any damages you have suffered from their illegal repossession. either waym, yes they are crooks, so they are probably aware of what they need to do to be within the law as they cheat people.
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KitActick : If you owe a balance of $303. the car was not paid in full and can be repossessed. Your real problem is with your father for ignoring the amount due at the purchase. Chances are your father has received correspondence and ignored it and didn't tell you. I'd work at settling this at once or the car will be repossessed.
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suethoche : Please select from one of the following options:
1. I am an American it's in the Bill of Rights
2. Everyone else was doing it so I had to in order to compete
3. My Coach made me inject it and I didn't know what it was
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5. I didn't have Hay Fever but I might have had something sometime
6. I bought it from a Chemist
7. I thought it was a harmless supplement
8. The East Germans did it so I thought it was ok
8. I wanted to go on Oprah and trouser $1,000,000
9. Mark Spitz got away with it so why shouldn't I
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IsombDumNub : because cheating is always better
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Exteleblerype : http://www.politicususa /2013/08/03/democrats-introduce-bill-impeach-scotus-justices-thomas-scalia.html
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