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meslefectra : I'm not a lazy person. It's been two days since I was scheduled to appear in court. I'm so frustrated because I heard I might to to jail now. I really want to defend myself for the initial court case because I was handcuffed, and put in the back of a police car, because some big shot cop "didn't like my attitude" because I said "I'm pretty sure this a violation of my civil rights". I don't want to stand for this civil degradation, but I can't afford a lawyer, and all the sites I find keep telling me to "get a lawyer. I'm so fucking frustrated. There's nobody on my side since I was afraid for my mental clarity when I found it necessary to leave my moms house I've lived at all my life about a year ago when she allowed her boyfriend she knew for a month to call me worthless

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Neenstookem : Hi

I recently got myself a new job after having been on Job Seekers allowance for 2 months.

However, I don't get paid until 19th September, since my job's company payroll works on they pay you for the previous Month on the 19th, I started August 1st.

Is there anything I can claim in a few weeks to tide me over? I have 105 pounds from my last JSA payment in the bank, but some has to go on bills, and rent etc, so that will be gone in a couple of weeks.
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ivanbyss : no, as you are now employed, for your sake dont get a payday loan
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Boeolermep : So this is really weird, I know. Ever since I can remember, I basically pop my ear cartilage with my fingers. Instead of sucking my thumb as a child, I did this. I thought I broke the habit a couple years ago but in the last few months I started again. I noticed that I do it mostly when I'm thinking about something stressful. Like bills for example. I'm almost 20 years old and I don't want to be doing this anymore...sometimes I do it so much through out the day that my ears are starting to get sore. Especially when I pop them while I have earrings in. So any ideas? Thanks!
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Prongedge : I was cleaning my apartment earlier and I was putting things away and I found a 100 bill of Israel and the year on it is 1973 I wanted to know how much is it worth in the U.S today I'm curious
P.s it's missing like 3 centimeters
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wegeillisee : Check the web. I'm sure is it just worth its face value. The fact that is was from 1973 will not effect the value in any way. You are probably a kid (or young) and may think that 1973 was a long time ago (it wasn't). If the bill was in extremely good condition and is in some way a rare bill that may increase the value but from what you wrote it sounds like the condition is poor.
Check it and n good luck!
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sBRwdShx : Ok so I bought a car and we both signed a contract but nobody but me and the other person signed it so in other words it's not notarized. Am I legally bonded to it? I got the title and bill of sale in my name already.
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csyez029 : Of course it is legally binding.

Having it notarized only protects the parties involved from making claims that the other person's signature was forged. The notary stamp doesn't "legalize" the contract or make it more official or anything like. All it does is prevent either side from arguing that they never actually signed it.

And considering you have taken proactive steps since the signing (titling it in your name), it would pretty much be impossible to argue that weren't the person who signed it.
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BadBobbiehui : Yes.
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