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dsyez007 : On 2001, I had simultaneously enrolled for Motilal Nehru College & School of Open Learning. Was it unlawful?

However, in March 2002, I left Motilal Nehru College by writing my application.
I did not give any exam of BA from Motilal and left college before exams started.

Later, in 2005 when I found that the (Hons) paper is irrational then I shifted it to (Pass) course & got its degree on 2007.

Now, if they find out that I had enrolled simultaneously, though I am not possessing dual degrees, will they take action or is it anyway illegal?

Pls cite sources and rules on net, preferably lawyers reply.

Do not reply in air without information and sources. If you do not have sources then pls do not reply and move on.

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ComprarViagraVN : I am no good with words. There's a job that's ideal posted and I can't possible send in my resume that I have. Here is the description of the job:
"Non-profit arts, education and entertainment organization is looking for an office assistant who is flexible, organized, great on the phone with excellent customer service skills.
Job entails calling new class enroll-ees, parents and students, communicating via email and mail.
Must be available for a flexible schedule, including up to 8PM.
This is a great job for a retired person, student or anyone who is looking for a great place to work with flexible hours."
This is THE MOST PERFECT, IDEAL POSITION FOR ME.. now about me, I work in the administrative field for a non profit organization where I've done everything from everyday tasks in the office, phones, emails, welcomed new members, etc.. However, on the side Ive been able to indulge my need to be creative. Ive made changes to their website, created promo pages, fliers, membership welcome cards, etc. I also am currently organizing their trade show, designing and sending out email campaigns for members. I've created and promoted social media accounts. I love it- I get to be creative and in charge, in an office, with excel, (I love excel) the hitch is, I don't officially get paid for this work. I occasionally bill them an lump amount after a couple months of work. .. I guess what I need the most help with- is defining a summary and an objective to put at the top of my resume. I have the skills list and job history i JUST DON'T KNOW HOW TO SAY WHAT MY OBJECTIVES ARE OR HOW TO SUMMARIZE EVERYTHING IN A WAY THAT READS WELL, SAYS I AM SOMEONE WHO'S "PROFESSIONAL" AND "SURE".
My objective, technically, is I want a paying job, (preferably the one that's sparked this whole thing)- while keeping the one I have now. I want to continue in the admin direction, while having the opportunity to do creative things on the side- most importantly is Id like to learn in both areas as well. Ive always been spread so thin- many requests to perform work in areas and industries that required me to learn on the spot- by myself- but never long enough to be an "expert" at anything..

I'd kill for any ideas on how to word that in a way I can present on my resume- the thing is, this job was posted 3 days ago now. I don't have much time.
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alexpril : What will i need to pay for?
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ytcyseo : It can cost anywhere from $80-$120 p/w. but it can be lower or higher depending on the person you are leasing from.

When you lease a horse, the money you pay goes towards feeding, vet bills, farrier etc... and in return you get to ride 3-4 times a week (more or less depending on person)

You will need to ask the person you are leasing the horse from about the conditions and details of leasing a horse before you do anything.
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Allonapyboalm : What is the average utility cost for electricity, internet, heat, etc. for a 1 bedroom apartment in the San Diego area?

If anyone can answer this -- thanks! :)
approximately a 495 sq.ft. apartment.
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goodevry12 : I'm going to be a freshman at UC Berkeley, and I need to set up a bank account for all my various financial purposes (paying school bills, and bank to hold my menial income).The only banks I'm allowed to use are Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Citi Bank, and US Bank. The ones that are most convenient are Wells Fargo, Chase, and Bank of America. Any recommendations for who I should pick?
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