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UCMatthew : The thing is that I am a victim of a car crash witch I wasnt driving. My friend was driving and the thing is that he had told me to put the blame on me because he already had a ticket and doesn't have DL nor insurance. So I told him no don't blame it at me. So then he gets out of the car to make sure the other driver was ok next thing you no he had already mention my name that I was driving which I wasnt. so I was discussing it with him about what will happen If i get all the bills and he said don't worry ill pay it.So it has already been a year without paying those bills which he owes almost 4000 dollars.Now I really got tired of him because they already suspended my license and they gonna file me a law suit.So who ever is out there please help what should I do

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Abnolermed : Yes because you are beig framed. Talk to a personal injury lawyer or general practice and they will help you. Your friend is also facing big problems with the law because what he is doing is insurance fraud and fraud by lying in a police report of who was driving and that could also be purgery if he testifies that you were driving. Get help ASAP because if he hits you first then your basically screwed.
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MemoMocaiff : You should file a law suit. Put before you do anything you need proof that you werent driving the car.
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LinuraGamtova : Hi

I recently got myself a new job after having been on Job Seekers allowance for 2 months.

However, I don't get paid until 19th September, since my job's company payroll works on they pay you for the previous Month on the 19th, I started August 1st.

Is there anything I can claim in a few weeks to tide me over? I have 105 pounds from my last JSA payment in the bank, but some has to go on bills, and rent etc, so that will be gone in a couple of weeks.
Thanks for answering.

It's not actually a Month in hand, what it is in this case is that they pay the staff on the 19th of every Month, for the previous Month. I only just joined in Auguest, so on the 19th I will get nothing, so I have to wait about 40 days.

Bit silly that they don't cover this.... they are happy to help people who don't even look for work and just claim benefits, but someone like me who actually searched for and now has a job, but still needs money can't claim anything, what a joke of a system.
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rikesuiburnsc : Unfortunately this is standard practice with most companies to pay you "a month in hand" and is often overlooked by JSA and can leave you in a really tight spot. You could go to your bank and explain your situation and ask for an increase in your overdraft allowance or a small line of credit (few hundred pounds), even if you pay as much as 19% on that, you should be able to pay it back soon enough. Or you could ask your parents or a relative to front you the money. Whatever you do DON'T go to a payday loan company who will charge you 2000% APR on a loan.
Hope i helped
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FliesDigGense : That was a brave decision.

It is possible the benefits agency may be able to lend you some money... when i looked into this some time ago, it either wasnt available, or would only have covered about 1 nights hotel accommodation.
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suodi668 : I'd suggest asking your employer for an advance to tide you over.
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Sleeryrub : JSA is only payable up to the day before you start work. You may be eligible for a Back to Work Grant (if they still do them - ask at the Jobcentre; Job Grants were abolished 1st April 2013.)

Other than that, you will have to borrow money (from your family?) to tide you over. It's the same for most people. I started work on 16 June 1980; pay at the end of the month. I didn't have any money to buy clothes for work, so had to borrow off my Mum. When I got paid (2 weeks only) that had to last me for a month before I'd be paid again, and I still had to pay money for board. It was another month later before I could repay what I had borrowed.
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cskc8057 : How do Navy deployments work?
Is it every 18-24 months you go out on a ship for 10-12 days and train with some extended leaves up to 6 months and then after the 18-24 months you are stationed shore duty for 2-3 years?
Or how does it work? If it helps I'm looking into becoming a nurse.
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Sleeryrub : Deployments depend on the type of command you are attached to (cruiser, destroyer, carrier, SeaBees, &c) and the job you do in the Navy. For officers (which include nursing), sea time is considered critical for advancement; for enlisted not quite so much, but it depends on the rating.

I can only speak of my own experience. Bear in mind with the Sequester, deployment schedules are changing (generally becoming longer).

I was an aviation electronics technician. The sea-shore rotation for that rating is 36 months sea duty and 36 months shore duty.

Attached to aircraft squadrons, we would start work-ups (short training missions), followed by a six-month deployment overseas, then return for a stand-down period before beginning work-ups again.

This usually meant at least two long deployments during a three-year tour, plus all the work-ups. I then rotated to shore duty for three years.

In my case the normal sea-shore rotation was interrupted as I went to recruiting duty, followed by overseas shore duty.
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