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EricRU : So we got into an accident about a month ago. Don't worry, the police were there and we filed a claim before the 14 days (Senate Bill 1860). Anyways, many people witnessed the accident. The police took statements and filed a police report--I guess. (we have to buy the police report online) She just gave us the contact information of the other driver and some paper work. Anyways, my mom went to the hospital (The car was wrecked). I stayed with the car so it wouldn't get towed. The police told us the driver who hit us were at fault. They made the wrong turn into us and hit us. Okay great. They're at fault. But turns out these people don't have insurance. So the people who hit us was driving with no insurance. Isn't that illegal. On top of that, they keep billing US all the hospital bills, and the car wreck bills when The other driver was at fault. Why didn't the police do anything? Shouldn't she have taken their license away, or something? They did nothing. They just let them go free. Now we have all these bills to pay after getting hit. We hired a lawyer, and after reviewing our claim, the finally concluded that will not be taking our case. I'm not exactly sure why. I just want some justice. We shouldn't have to pay to fix this car, and we shouldn't have to pay these bills. What can we do? Again, shouldn't that Cop had done something?? Isn't it her duty to do something when someone hits another person--especially without car insurance or any insurance?? Please help. Thanks in advance.
The Senate Bill 1860 is a Florida bill. So the accident happened in Florida. Thanks for everyone's input so far.

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Yopemrlde : First you do not say what State you are from. 50 States and each has their own laws on driving and how they enforce them. It is NOT a US common driving law condition.

Second, your insurance company pays the bills and sues the other driver in most States. However the lawyer see no profit in suing a driver with no insurance, they are in it for the money not the glory. No money - no case.

It is up to the courts to remove the driving rights of a driver, not the police. It can only happen if you or your insurance company take the case to court.

If the other driver was ticketed, they will either receive a fine or court date for the driving violation depending how the ticket was written.

Bottom line is you pay the bills, repair / hospital till you go thought the court system to sue for costs and pain / damages / lost of wages etc. Been there done that and the legal system in the State I live in is very slow to process Justice.

Also where I live you do not pay for an accident report you where involved in, it is the duty of the police to give you a copy.
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carpinteyrosrj : My boyfriend and i have been together for 5 years. He is 26 im 24. It has gotten to the point where we just feel like roommates. But there is a problem. I feel like i am being taken for granted... He doesn't think so. It has gotten to the point where i am constantly taking care of him. I take care of everything from chores to bills etc. We recently moved and i packed everything moved everything myself with the help of my sister. Its to the point where i have to get mad at him to lift a finger around here. He thinks he can solve everything by throwing money my way or paying me off. I keep telling him that money will not buy my happiness in this relationship and i am not happy. All he says is, "i know, im sorry." but doesnt do anything about it.

Recently he told me that he is giving me a year... To lose weight or else. Excuse me? Yes ill admit im overweight and it is because all the stress ive been going through. I recrntly learned how to control/manage my stress and now the weight is melting off. Already lost 15 lbs. He also told me that he loves me for who i am. Then he changes his mind and picks on me/or gives me this guilt trip about being fat. I dont know why he is so obsessed about the way i look. Im torn. I dont know what to do. Its gotten to the point where im not sure that i love him anymore.... Only resentment.

What should i do? What should i say?
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Amommagum : Break up with him to teach him a lesson
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Paisymomtoori : Your boyfriend threatening you to lose weight! I'm sorry if there ever was love between you it's not seen now "/ it's looks like all the romance has gone, do you ever go out anymore or do anything fun? 5 years is a long time to throw away though, why don't you properly sit down and talk about it? Tell him how you really feel and how your not as happy as you used to be! Communication is so so important and if you can't talk to each other about this then how are you ever going to keep it together? Nobody can really tell you what to do, and you're the only one that really knows what he's like, you could just be going through a bad time in you're relationship? Just talk to him, if you feel likes he's acting differently tell him, you need to stop being a push over by the sounds of things! Goodluck :)
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Cackaragtuts : (We live in the state of Oklahoma)
I have been baby sitting my nephew for the past three months and his mother always brings him with terrible smells. His neck always sweaty and smells like rotten milk, and his clothes dirty and smelly. His diaper is constantly full when she takes care of him. He always cries and fusses with her, but he is a very good baby with me. I always shower him and do everything the way it's supposed to be done. (not trying to brag I'm just getting to the facts) recently, he was hospitalized and apparantely had a respiratory virus. (For 3 months she gave him tap water) also when I visit her house it is penetrated with the smell of smoke. His diaper bag reeks. His clothes always smells like her house. (Cigarette smell and a nasty cat that they own) her room is VERY dirty and when I can't watch him she has her alcoholic mom watch him. The baby is still coughing very badly and he nearly chokes in his sleep every night. I believe it's because of her house smell. She lives with her mom and pays no bills. Her mom bought her car and payed it off and also pays her insurance. Her mom also pays her phone bill. She is a 60 yr old lady.(alcoholic) my nephew always comes with the same clothes. He has only five outfits and he's been wearing them since he was 2 1/2 months old. So my mom and I bought him some bibs and socks and shoes (which his mom never had, he never wore shoes bibs of socks until my mom bought him some and he only wears them here at my house) she does not shower him EVER. I am the one that showers him regularly and cares for him the most. He also always comes with rashes and I cure them for him. Now, my brother just got out of jail 2 weeks ago for having a weapon in the vehicle and drug paraphernalia. He is seeing the conditions in which his son is in and absolutely hates it. He already has a job and gets payed 12$ an hour working mon-fri 8am-430pm while I watch his son. He is making great changes and wants to get full custody of his son.
His mom works 8-6 m-f and 8-1 on Saturday. When she arrives to "pick him up" she doesn't focus on him she focuses on what my brother is doing and only cares about my brother. Instead of buying her son some clothes she buys my brother pointless things. I'm mostly concerned about my nephews health. I don't want him to become MORE of a victim to second hand smoke AND alcoholics.
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Jeniferxfs, : All states differ for custody laws I live in mi but I would call cps it sounds like a clear case of neglect document all if this starting with the next time u watch the baby but it sounds like he should have no problem getting custody
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lolowsNem : Call CPS. If your brother wants custody, he'll work with them.
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Spummakem : Well, the conditions in which she keeps the house are unacceptable for a baby. The baby could definitely keep getting sick in that filth. Also the fact that she leaves the baby with an alcoholic is a safety issue. Judges are not usually too keen taking children from the mothers. Yes, your brother has a job but he also has a record and his previous charges and incarceration are definitely something the judge will take into consideration. If you already care for the baby, you are going to have to go at this with your brother. You would propose that the baby go into your custody while your brother offers his financial support. Again, judges are not too keen on keeping babies from mothers, so if they agree it would probably be a temporary thing while the mother gets her own place and maybe takes some court ordered parenting classes.
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butTeallbah : Living in south Texas I always hear people bad mouthing Obama but when I ask what people just say he's stupid or he's just an idiot why do these people say that? Can I have some concrete answers to why he's so "stupid?"
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