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Irrelrylole : So we got into an accident about a month ago. Don't worry, the police were there and we filed a claim before the 14 days (Senate Bill 1860). Anyways, many people witnessed the accident. The police took statements and filed a police report--I guess. (we have to buy the police report online) She just gave us the contact information of the other driver and some paper work. Anyways, my mom went to the hospital (The car was wrecked). I stayed with the car so it wouldn't get towed. The police told us the driver who hit us were at fault. They made the wrong turn into us and hit us. Okay great. They're at fault. But turns out these people don't have insurance. So the people who hit us was driving with no insurance. Isn't that illegal. On top of that, they keep billing US all the hospital bills, and the car wreck bills when The other driver was at fault. Why didn't the police do anything? Shouldn't she have taken their license away, or something? They did nothing. They just let them go free. Now we have all these bills to pay after getting hit. We hired a lawyer, and after reviewing our claim, the finally concluded that will not be taking our case. I'm not exactly sure why. I just want some justice. We shouldn't have to pay to fix this car, and we shouldn't have to pay these bills. What can we do? Again, shouldn't that Cop had done something?? Isn't it her duty to do something when someone hits another person--especially without car insurance or any insurance?? Please help. Thanks in advance.

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Molinotuse : These people should really get their justice.The driver who hit them should be charged for driving without insurance.He should be made to pay all their bills.
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launtailk : It is not the cop's duty to do anything about that. A car accident is just that, an accident. This is not a criminal case that a cop needs to arrest anyone for. If the driver was drunk and got into an accident, then it would become criminal and they would go to jail. So, if it is not criminal, then it is civil. You need to go to the courthouse and file a lawsuit against the person who hit your car. You will need to contact witnesses and have the court pull subpoena the police report. You need to provide all damages for the lawsuit to the court as evidence. Take all damages with monetary attachments and add them up and sue for that amount. For example: car damage $5,000; hospital bills $15,000, etc = $20,000 in damages.

You will have to pay a court fee that you can also add into the amount of damages assuming you win, you will get the money back.

Keep in mind that winning this court battle does not guarantee that you will get paid anything. The person who hit you may not own their car, house, and they may not have any money to pay you.

So, assuming that you win, you will then need to speak to a lawyer about getting a percentage of the person's paychecks docked. Once you have a judgement in your favor, if the person ever comes into any amount of money you will be the first person to be paid.
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FoodsPrer : The police officer did her job. She likely gave the other driver traffic tickets for causing the accident and lack of insurance. Beyond that, there are very limited situations in which an officer may arrest someone after an accident or take a driver's license. Whether to take the driver's license is up to the court.

Also, any and all bills resulting from an accident (medical, towing, car repair, etc.) are set to the person receiving the medical treatment/the owner of the car. Bills are not sent to the party who caused the accident. It is up to the injured party to recover the amount of those bills from the person who caused the accident.

Your mother should contact HER auto insurance company. Even if the other driver was uninsured, her insurance company should be able to help in recovering the amount of the bills from the other driver. She should contact her insurance agent and file a claim.
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Septonesoro : ....them to have reasonable assets on hand before making loans, check on pay stubbs (which they had stopped doing), and do credit ratings on people before making housing loans?
That's how bad it was in 2006-7, am I the only one who remembers that, and all the articles about Banks sending memos to loan agents to just "make any loan?"
Here's the best article I have seen about it.
Taylor, yes he did.
Do you even know what's in Frank Dodd?
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PartVarkBot : Here is Obama policy

that democrats run from

Obamanomics: As the president began the first year of his second term, the U.S. poverty rate rose to a level not seen since the 1960s. What we have here is a colossal failure of government policy.
The Census Bureau says that 50 million Americans, roughly one in six — almost 17% — are living below the poverty line, which is defined as earnings of less than $23,021 a year for a family of four. Apparently 20% of the nation's children are living in poverty

you were saying?
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sopkolifi : Actually, Bill Clinton had a lot to do with the destruction of the home mortgage system too...not just Bawney Fwank.
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Graiccaky : LOL --- Red State Righties will ALWAYS defend Big Banks and Corporations right to steal and cheat.
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Leftlible : I know it's hard for a free market fundamentalist to accept this, but poor people did not cause the financial collapse.

The interests of the rich don't necessarily align with the interests of society at large. And in a world where speculation is the real game and where investment is for suckers, they are grossly misaligned and markets will fail all by themselves, invisible hand notwithstanding.
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DeatsHewsDult : Remember, we are talking about conservatives - people who think Barney Frank and poor people caused a global financial crisis.
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