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OdellZ905TtQ : Okay so almost 10 years ago my father was in the hospital for something in his blood.It was nothing that could have killed him, something very minor and it was under control for a while. My father suddenly died in the hospital, I was 7 years old at the time, im 16 now. My mom brought it up. She told me that the problm with his blood did not kill him. A year after he died results from the medical examiner came back, to his mother, or my grandma. The medical examiner said that his death was due to an over dose of prescribed medication by the docter. My grandma is disabled and cant really do much because she has brain damage. He suggested she get a lawyer. She never did because she really couldnt in her condition. I know that by law as his only living child i am the only one that could do anything with this. I can try and sue the hospital, which im going to do. I want to know how much my family would get for something like this if we were successful

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Neglesnig : The statute of limitations for filing this claim has long since past. In the vast majority of jurisdictions it is two or three years.
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dokoccund : you may not be able to sue due to the Statute of limitations, Depending on which State you live in. There are Exceptions to the Statute in Some states.
You would need to talk to a lawyer, and they would know how much you could actually sue for.
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torgonitoh : There is absolutely no way of know what the award would be . You would either come to a settlement agreement with the doctor's /hospital's insurance company or go to a jury trial, where the jury decides the award, so there's no way of knowing. You can think roughly in terms of the income he would have earned from his death until retirement age as a starting point. A lawyer will usually take the case and wait to be paid from the settlement, his/her share is about a third of it.

First do a google search for [your state] statute limitations medical malpractice
to see if you can still bring a lawsuit.
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heerginee : Most likely you will get nothing at all....almost 10 years have passed....
Every state sets certain time limits, called the "statute of limitations," on bringing wrongful death lawsuits. The general average is that a Wrongful Death lawsuit must be filed within 1-5 years of the persons death.

As for a Malpractice lawsuit against the prescribing physician there is also a statute of limitations set by each state, the general average is that a malpractice lawsuit must be filed within 1-3 years of the incident...

((The medical examiner said that his death was due to an over dose of prescribed medication by the doctor. My grandma is disabled and cant really do much because she has brain damage. He suggested she get a lawyer. She never did because she really couldnt in her condition.))
Have you seen the actual report from the medical examiner that your grand mother received??
Since she is disabled and has brain damage are you completely sure that she is recalling the events correctly?

To even begin to think about any type of legal action You will need to get copies of the medical examiners full autopsy report as well as your fathers medical records from the hospital and attending physician..
Your Mother or legal guardian will have to do all of this because you are only 16 and can not request such information on your own.
Also you can not file any type of lawsuit because you are only 16 and still a minor, your mother or legal guardian must hire an attorney and file the lawsuit (if possible)...
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payollasywoRk : First, only you have an action because the others waited too long. It's also possible that you waited too long as well. Technically, you have until 19 or older, but some states have put a limitation of a number of years. Everyone is talking about the statute of limitations, but they are ignoring the fact that you are a minor and the statute for minors is different.

We can't say how much you would get. It depends on a lot of factors, such as his income, age, etc. We can't say.

You would also have to prove the case. If you have nothing in writing from the medical examiner, then you probably won't get anywhere. And an lot of hospitals don't keep records beyond seven years.

The first step is that your mother should request all of his medical records. (You don't have the right to them.) She should also request the autopsy/medical examiners report. Then start contacting medical malpractice lawyers.

You can file a lawsuit. The court requires you to have a guardian ad litem to represent your interests in the suit, separate from the lawyer, but it doesn't have to be your mother or grandmother.

Realize, such suits can take years, so don't expect instant money.
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glubalpcrulge : The statue of limitations has long expired. You would of had to file a suit within 2 years of his death.
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nostanomraw : no, there are a few things standing in your way

1. you are not old enough to sue

2. the right to sue typically goes to the next of kin, meaning his wife/your mother.

3. the statutes of limitation has long run out.

you will not be successful.... you might have been if your family hadnt waited 10 years!
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StoomyTog : I'm been depressed for nearly a decade and the only thing I do is fantasize about superpowers, especially flying. It's juvenile, but it's what I'm interested in. I don't care about anything else and honestly don't see a future for myself.

My father died and through life insurance and what not, I have over a million dollars. In the 6 years he has been gone, I've done nothing with it except paying bills, house, health and basically just necessities. All I do is save. I have idiopathic hypersomnia which makes me completely worthless and realize I won't ever be able to work, so I have to make the money last as long as possible.

To become a wingsuit base jumper would take many years and a huge capital investment. I already have a couple skydive's and signed up for an AFF program, but quit because it got too expensive.

This would be a huge investment with no financial return. I just thought that maybe this way I'll at least do something and be happy instead of always being in my house sleeping or contemplating suicide. If I don't manage to kill myself on one of these jumps, I would be basically burning through my safety net.

So, Yes or No?
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acilivesserma : My friends and I are all buying an apartment. It's a by-the-bed apartment, so we will all pay for our rooms and then split the water and electric bill. My question is that when we get the apartment at first, will we all split the down payment or is it per person?

(I'm not sure if that's what it's called. Its the fee (usually about $100) to put down on the apartment at first before we actually buy it..)
EDIT: I understand that we don't 'buy' the apartment. I was simply asking if we split the application fee (thanks for helping me remember the term!).
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