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Kicoblilm : I was given orders to clear my military installation. The rear-detached commander gave me a letter stating that I was being discharged under a special courts martial. But the special courts martial never took place. I was also given an escort to file all paper for me and clear the installation on my behalf. I was to out process on may 24 2007. I left the base on may 28 2007 with no dd214 or special courts martial. the escort said all documents would be delivered to my home on record. today I still have nothing. I am not in the archives nor am I awol nor does it show in dod that I was in Iraq. what can and should I do?

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tomn067 : You'll want to ask this in the military section
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Allolacib : Ive been with directv for 6 years and I fell behind on my directv bill for a few months by $340.00 ( I know it's a lot).My contract is up once the past due is paid. I can now afford to pay the bill but they want a $40 reactivaton fee.(I can afford this but dont think I should have to pay it.) Now all I want is Nfl Sunday ticket and 1 receiver. Any ways my question is can I get the $40 fee waived and get new customer privileges such as free nfl Sunday ticket??? After all I've paid at least $100 a month for 6 years.
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camarok : I recently started working for a sales company as a sales representarive. The job requires for me to have a vehicle (which I do) but it broke down and now theres alot to be fixed on it and I cant afford it. I do not depend on my parents whatsoever because they honestly wont help. Im currently in high school as a senior as well but I get out early because of co-op. The problem is getting to work. Its about 20 miles away from my school. So walking is out of the question. What can I do because I dont want to lose my job? I wont quit that easily. But I have nobody to depend on. Nobody will help me. And if I quit nobody will help me pay my bills. My boss told me he'll help me out by partnering me with someone temporarily until I can fix my car. But I have to get to work on my own. And its not so easy to take the bus because I have a certain hour to show up and I cant rely on the bus because it wont always show up on time. What do I do when nobody is there for me and cant or wont help me? How do I do it? My friends cant take me because they have work too. Whats my best option? Whos been through this before? Nobody in my family will lend me a car either even though I have a license. I truly cant rely on anyone but myself. So what do I do? Someone help!
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job85469 : Get your self a new bike, scooter, skate board etc,... Just make it on time don't lose your job
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sopkolifi : Sorry for you. Maybe for now you should inform your boss about the problem and if he doesnt help then leave the job. You will get more job related to sales.
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lnwtkmywjzdo : I pay rent and I have a car bill. I have to work is there any way that I can get student loans to help me with my rent? Any info will info will help. I am 24 years old. I don't have parents to help me
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Liaffobilfeli : student loans are not really intended to pay your rent.
and being as you have a monthly car payment to keep up, then you really have no business going to college.
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CrycleClomoto : student loans is for study.but here is option of online learning is medium by which you can attend the classes at home.suggesting you a platform that will provide you online can also getter the knowledge about financial aid,courses
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Affongenice : Work to pay rent, live with roommates, take out loans for college

Try federal loans, and private loans for what federal doesn't cover. Private loans can cover living expenses, but are contingent on a credit score. If you are considered independent of your parents (are married, have a child, over 25, or other reasons) you are likely eligible for grants (money you don't have to pay back).

Start at a community college and get as many credits as possible, its cheap there and federal loans will cover it all. Then transfer to a state University for the remainder of your credits.

Also consider some online classes and night classes to work around having to work. As far as a degree from a state University is concerned, online classes or not its the same degree. The more of them you take, the easier it will be
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