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UglyLloydlty : I was given orders to clear my military installation. The rear-detached commander gave me a letter stating that I was being discharged under a special courts martial. But the special courts martial never took place. I was also given an escort to file all paper for me and clear the installation on my behalf. I was to out process on may 24 2007. I left the base on may 28 2007 with no dd214 or special courts martial. the escort said all documents would be delivered to my home on record. today I still have nothing. I am not in the archives nor am I awol nor does it show in dod that I was in Iraq. what can and should I do?

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seaggetroks : Looks like you'd need to start with a civilian lawyer, as the military seems intent on insisting that your connection is severed. Employing a civilian lawyer to attempt to get your paperwork straightened out ensures that you are seen to be making an effort to resolve the matter, just in case the military tries a come-back on you at some future date.
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monitautto : I'm been depressed for nearly a decade and the only thing I do is fantasize about superpowers, especially flying. It's juvenile, but it's what I'm interested in. I don't care about anything else and honestly don't see a future for myself.

My father died and through life insurance and what not, I have over a million dollars. In the 6 years he has been gone, I've done nothing with it except paying bills, house, health and basically just necessities. All I do is save. I have idiopathic hypersomnia which makes me completely worthless and realize I won't ever be able to work, so I have to make the money last as long as possible.

To become a wingsuit base jumper would take many years and a huge capital investment. I already have a couple skydive's and signed up for an AFF program, but quit because it got too expensive.

This would be a huge investment with no financial return. I just thought that maybe this way I'll at least do something and be happy instead of always being in my house sleeping or contemplating suicide. If I don't manage to kill myself on one of these jumps, I would be basically burning through my safety net.
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scanrpinteyrocza : Go buy yourself an Icon A5.
You'll be able to get your pilots license within a few days, and you can be flying by the end of the week.
Faster, safer, further and you can fly whenever you want, with whoever you want.
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Pydayslappy : Ok me and my boyfriend of a year are fighting and I think it's stupid. My younger sister needs to spend the night at my apt( keyword my because I pay all the bills and had the apt before we were together and he's not on the lease) so she can help my mom at work in the morning. I live the closest to the job and it's no problem to me. He gets very mad says I didn't talk to him and then starts name calling and says he had a surprise for me but now it's ruined and now I'm not worth surprises anymore and I'm a bitch and he won't listen to me cause I'm nothing to him right now. Help???
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jqd2827r : dvbxcvb
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choillLiels : show him where the door is, tell him to feel free to walk through it ....
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salepoucj : Communication is the most important thing in a relationship. You broke that by inviting your sister WITHOUT WARNING HIM FIRST. Inviting her was fine- inviting her without letting him know, however, WAS NOT. Just because she had a right to be there, doesnt mean that it was polite or acceptable for you to not have the consideration to let your boyfriend know.

Your flaw was in thinking, "Oh I pay for the apartment and its MY SISTER so I CAN DO WHAT I WANT." and then thinking that you are SO ENTITLED to bring her, that you dont even HAVE to tell your bf about it, and he can DAMN WELL DEAL WITH IT! (is how you probly viewed it).

Yes, you can invite her. But in your emotions of "i deserve to be able to invite her over and he needs to deal with it and im not giving him notice cuz idgaf", you forgot about one little problem....

Just because you have a RIGHT to do it, doesnt mean that you shouldnt NOTIFY HIM that you are doing it. and every guy i know would be pissed at that. yes, every last one.

You totally didnt give him notice. Even if you dont ASK him, you should at least TELL HIM you are gonna do it. Know what I mean?

It sounds to me like he had an expensive surprise for you and now its kinda ruined. Most guys would be kinda mad at that situation. We would be thinking "damn i spent all this money to make my girl happy and planned this awesome thing... and she didnt even care or consider me enough to even TELL ME that she was bringing someone over. forget ask me, the rude girl didnt even let me know!! WTF!!!"

Thats what most guys would be thinking.

So the solution

1) if you are haughty or think you did nothing wrong... LOSE THAT ATTITUDE. accept you started this thing by not telling him.


2) Apologize and say it was probly a great surprise and that if he wants to surprise you anytime this week that youd be super happy to have it, and that if not, you totally understand and say its the thought that counts.

3) then give him mind blowing sex. just seduce him.

yes i get that him being mad is "unattractive" or whatever. but SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE. seduce your man so he feels better. make him feel really sexy. jump on him like an apex predator lion or something. make his night. he'll stop being as mad, heck he might even forgive you entirely. cuddle him after, kiss him, make him feel sexy and show that you care and appreciate him. AND YES SEXUALLY. GUYS NEED TO FEEL THEIR WOMAN RESPECTS AND WANTS HIM SEXUALLY. THATS THE BIGGEST THING FOR GUYS. WE DONT GIVE A F*CK ABOUT MONEY, GIFTS, OR ANYTHING OF THAT SORT. WE DONT WANT COMPLIMENTS. WE WANT YOU TO SHOW US YOU CARE ABOUT US THRU SEX. IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME, LOOK IT UP.

4) dont wait for him to calm down to do steps 1-3... do it NOW. =) then itll fix it

5) dont yell back.

6) bcuz im such a nice guy helping you out, be fair and take a moment to answer my question too honestly. thanks =)
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Tiniimqerfv : I want to pay My bill.
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Talfarietealp : My husband and I are trying to purchase a house. We are already living in the house under a lease to purchase contract, which is up in December (we have to have it in our name by then). The house is 78,000. We put down 10% to be able to move in. My husband has been working in construction for the last 12 years and has been with the same company for almost a year now making $30 an hour. We finally got our credit score up, medical bills paid and NOW we are being told that he was denied b/c his type of work. He is a Foreman at a construction site at a VA Center. The job he is working on has an ending date, when that job is over he will be sent to a different job. Well the underwriters are denying him saying that he is a "temporary worker" b/c this specific job has an ending or completion by date. He is not temporary. He is a full time employee and just got promoted to a Construction Supervisor. Should we keep messing with this mortgage broker and trying to get the loan through them? Or should we try a different place? If it is not in our name in 4 months we have to up root our family and everything we have done to the house. Also we will lose our on our 10% we put down.
home owner
home owner
Thanks for the opinion, but i don't think that what is going on... lol.. The house has been on the market with no one living in it for 2 years before we moved in. The owners daughter used to live in it but then she moved. The man that owns the house is 84 years old.. he has been up here and asked if we need anything fixed before we purchase it. He has no clue of our financials... Plus my husbands name got put on the deed of the house when we closed on the contract... So even if he does try to "scam" us. He cant sell or do anything without my husbands signature b/c on record, he is "part owner".
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