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usbflashdrivekyi : I put my motorcycle in the shop over 5 years ago. The owner lost his son in the war and he went off the deep end and stopped working. He sold his shop two years ago I found out today, and I want to get my bike back. What rights do I have?
I did in fact contact this person many times. I even had to go to the police dept one time to have them get in contact with the owner. I have tried several times to get the bike back but no response.
I have made myself clear many times in the past that I just wanted my bike back even if in parts. But still I was told no..

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mejdawdkrg : Damn! If you wrecked your bike so bad it needed 5 years of repairs, why didn't you just buy a new one?????!!!!!!!???????
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freelife : Depends on the state you are in. Probably not much you can do, 5 years is a very long time to leave an item in a shop. The judge's first question will probably be "Why did you wait 5 years to attempt to claim your property?". You may try contacting the person who purchased the shop and see if you can make arrangements with them to recover your bike.
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Knoprubsop : Depends on your state, they each have different laws for unclaimed goods with different ideas of how long it takes to be considered abandoned.

As a practical matter go to the new owner, explain the situation, ask him if the bike is still in the shop, pay for the repairs and storage. Show him the receipt too.

Otherwise nothing that I can think of. You might try a lawyer, but again you might have just had it declared abandoned and it wasn't yours anymore.

Report the item as stolen, fill out a report and hope your insurance company will reimburse you.
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zerneerseKade : Hello. I am 27 and I still live at home. I work full-time and go to school for psychology. I am living with my mother to help her out after my father had died, leaving her with a gargantuan amount of debt.

We've already lost her house, so we now live in a 4-bedroom town home along with my younger brother and sister. All of my money is tied up in bills -- we live paycheck to paycheck -- and we haven't any extra to save for emergencies. I can't even go to the gym anymore because gas is so expensive...I feel myself growing more and more unhealthy.

I was diagnosed with bi-polar II disorder at a very young age. I have been taking various amounts of medicines to keep my mood stabilized. I found one that worked not too long ago -- loxipine. It was great for a while -- 4.0 gpas, stable affect, etc. I think I've developed a tolerance for it, for my affect has declined severely, and I am back at my depressed state.

Honestly, I just want someone to kill me. I don't care. I can't even go back to the doctor until I pay my co-payment, which is $140 that I don't have. I don't want to live. I pray for someone to actually kill me, but it never happens.

I can't get/keep a girlfriend because of my attitude. Sometimes, I feel as if my prefrontal cortex never developed -- as if I am destined to be like this. I hate life. It is supposed to be somewhat enjoyable, but I feel NO JOY in living at all.

Don't tell me to turn to God; I tried and he does nothing because he doesn't exist. I am getting much so that I want to start killing others...but I don't want to...

When I have completely exhausted my regard for everyone and everything in this life, I will have already died. I am reaching that point, and I fear it is simply around the corner. What am I to do?
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sharonben : Take a vacation
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Coarmarib : suicide could work if it is just that painful to live. it doesnt have to be a sad thing. just be happy you can rest and dont have to deal with the pain no longer.
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camarok : You get what you wish for; change your mindset
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Jeniferxfs, : You already answered your question you said you have to help your mother because your father died dont kill yourself keep living for your mother and when you said you had bipolar its the mood swings try your best and trust me i know its hard i also have a bipolar disorder so please keep living for your mon brother and sister the need you.
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ebusxjre : Try to rechannel your energy, Canon. You seem to be a smart and able guy. You have a full time job and that's great - you belong to the group who gives back to the community. I hope. You have a family - a mother and siblings who love you, and that's wonderful blessed thing to have. You live with your family in a house with a roof and walls and probably useful things in it. Not everyone has those. You used to go to the gym - not everyone could afford that, and so what, you could still exercise, and I just read earlier today that it's better to run on trails/outside than to run on treadmills.

You were diagnosed to have bipolar, but aren't we all sick of something? I'm diagnosed to have cancer, but somehow I feel strong - I've even gained weight which I want to loose somehow. If Loxipine is not working anymore, maybe you could try another. Have you tried traditional medicine? I am a product of modern medicine, but I prefer to use traditional.

Why would you pay $140 to talk to someone? You're studying Psychology - I was thinking you probably know that all psych doctors do is to scribble while pretending that they're listening.

I hate life, too. It sucks, but let's just enjoy the ride.

"Don't" turn to God. (there, I said it.) Please don't be angry.

You won't die simply because I think you'll forever regard your family in this life. Again, I hope. Keep writing... it seems to help.
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