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preadledema : I recentley filed a charge of racism sexual harrassment, and hostile work enviroment to quit, the company agreed to mediate and did not respond to my claims is that good or bad?? What should i.ask mediation i dont have a lawyer??

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Entimbzit : ......even as a supply clerk from my wheelchair in the secessionist army for the coalition of seceded States that is formed retake the country, restore the Republic back to the people, restore the Constitution & Bill of Rights!

I can't work because I was crippled last year in an accident.
But, I've been rejected from my Social Security, and won't survive the one year it takes to get a hearing.
I also was rejected from ANY assistance programs, despite the fact that I had a high paying job and paid high taxes for all of my adult life! And never ONCE ever asked for help! I gave to charity for years!
Then, I lost my job after an in accident at work, lost nearly ALL of my 401k to the stock market but got a fraction back which did not last long after I lost most of almost everything, was crippled, and lost EVERYTHING was totally impoverished, evicted, and left to die.......
When asking what I could possibly do after being rejected for everything........the b ! t c h at the county office told me to find a friend or someone that had a van that could take me in my wheelchair to a major city a hundred miles away to drop me off at a homeless shelter?!?!

I paid for these fcuking services with my tax dollars for many years for people like me!
These kinds of assistance programs when we are in hard times & need of help! And not for fcuking illegal Mexicans to suck all of OUR programs dry & sit around and get everything for free! When we are left to die!

I at least want to fight! Because if I can't get anything that was my right as a tax-paying American citizen to have! I'm disregarded labeled unimportant and left to die! So technically just a slave and I want my freedom back! I want to fight if I can't get anything! At least instead of doing nothing I'll be fighting to restore my country and get what is rightfully mine!
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Dallas3040 : The Democratic party cares about your vote. Not you. A lot of people see this problem, and you are one of them. Thank you for knowing better than to listen to their garbage anymore.
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Feacleveclili : no you to call your representatives, senators and who ever else you can. That is insane they want you to wait a year for a stupid hearing. What are you to do for medical? How can you eat? call them now. I would hope where ever you got hurt and worked for had workers compensation and you should be eligible for that. No matter what has happened go after those guys with a vengeance! You deserve to be taken care of. I got crushed on a job and then fired when I couldn't drive but it has taken a while but I did win my case and during that time got the medical taken care of. You may need to see an attorney. Not sure where you live but I was in texas. good luck my friend and prayers are on the way. take care.
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rikesuiburnsc : hey that's just America for you
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ComprarViagraAR : There's no reason for you not to be able to get SSI, you only need to see the doctors they send you to to have an evaluation of your disability.
And if you have been injured at work, why didn't you apply for workman's compensation which would have paid your salary till you are able to go back to work, unless rehabilitation was impossible.
But they still would have given you money for lost pay because of your injuries, and supplied you with vocational training to do something else.
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annenseJoulge : TL;DR

Answer: Have you tried porn? It pays pretty well.
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Alexander_john : I see my parents work very very hard there whole life just to live pay check to pay check.And make there bosses rich. I dont wanna be a slave to a job just to pay the bill companies. Seems like in this world at this time in history all people are meant to do is work, have kids, die. I want a family but I dont want that to be the only thing that defines me. It seems like everyone is working to one goal in life, have a kid. No matter how fucked up your life is once you have a kid thats it, your part of the normal bunch now all is forgiven. Is this really the best i can hope for just to work some shitty job for another 40 years? Cant believe work is the only real option we are given in life.
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aquariusmediaa : You need to try to get a good job and do your best at it to work your way up. Nobody says you have to have a kid, kids are expensive though. It's up to you. You can really do whatever you want in life.

Get a job that allows you to travel.
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FriendMax : Greedy, yes you.
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