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Irretssturami : In the Fall hopefully I will be finished with my A.A. In Liberal Arts requirements. I want to transfer to another Community College and enroll into a Medical Billing and Coding Certificate Program so that I can work in Medical Billing.

But I still would like to complete a Bachelor's degree so that I can apply to Law School and try to become a Medical Malpractice Lawyer.

Does anyone know what kind of Bachelors Degree major is best to be a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

I cannot major in Biology or Chemistry because I have a math learning disability, but I am pretty good in my Humanities and Social Science courses. Are there other Healthcare related majors to choose from?
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Ironing Bord : No specific major, but English and political science might be good choices. See

How about volunteering at the office of your local state congressperson for some good experience?
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Gugawemilia : "Where did we all come from" is a common question. Better question: why is that important?
"I can't pay my bills unless I know how the universe was created!!"
I'm not seeing any connection between the insanely distant past and current events.
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Agreerwer : lol good point but if we want to find the true purpose of life which is more than eating and sleeping and having sex then we have to think about such things but if we want to live our lives like an animal then they are not important

we have a brain for a reason and we must use it
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celpancelialk : There is a new car I want. I have no credit score (I actually have a $59 unpaid medical bill apparently...I have no idea how that got there). Looking back on it, paying for everything in cash my whole life wasn't the greatest idea...but oh well. The best co-signer I could get only has a credit score of 663, just in the "average" bracket with one late payment showing up. The co-signer has the house paid off and everything. They have *plenty* of money in the bank. Enough to buy a few of these cars in cash.

I am living with parents until I'm finished schooling. I have no debts, no bills to pay. I made $33k last year. I have $10,000 or so to put down.

I could potentially make a down-payment of $10,000, so I hope this would persuade. Let's just estimate the total loan could be $23,000. I would like to do it over 60 months. I need a good interest rate if I am going to do this.

Any advice would be appreciated. Please don't tell me to get a used car. I appreciate the advice but it's not the advice I am looking for.

I have no doubt I can afford it. I don't have any bills at all. There's no way I couldn't swing the payments each month, especially with that down payment at a reasonable interest rate.

Also, no my co-signer will not loan me that money without doing it in some legal fashion.
I'm also wondering if the cosigner at 663 with be able to get me a decent interest rate with a hefty down payment, or is that too low to get a good rate?
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Nisyventiosse : If you have someone who will co-sign with plenty of money in the bank, get them to give you a loan. They'll make more money on a reasonable interest rate note to you than they will in the bank, and if they're willing to co-sign for you anyway...

Don't use this car to build up your credit rating - do that through cheaper ways at this point. You're not going to get a reasonable car loan given your credit history.
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novaexate : 1) You cannot afford this car. Buy a cheaper one.
2) NEVER take out a car loan for more than 36 months. If you have to, see number 1 above.
3) Deal with your unpaid bill now and get yourself a secured credit card to start building your credit history.
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AssibAddilm : I realize $59.00 is no big deal but it should be paid. Also, if you are under 25, the car insurance would be expensive as well If your cosigner is willing to sign the papers, then there is nothing wrong in buying what you want.
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rbuyf : Okay so I'm 18 years old I just recently got my own apartment, I'll be a sophomore at a pretty good school next year, I get pretty good grades, and I'm nice to everyone. It makes me upset because I do all this stuff and it seems like it's not good enough for my mom. She spends too much time on brother, that's older than me and doesn't do anything with his life. All he does is play video games all day long. Well it's the summer and I'm back living with my mom and her boyfriend for the summer. So, my mom told me to get a job and she'll help me pay half on getting my car fixed, I did and now she's acting like she doesn't want too. I can't afford to pay for my car all by myself it's 950 + updated tag + insurance and that's why I need her to help me. I feel like she's not proud of me and doesn't see anything that I've accomplished she only worries about my brother. I pay my own phone bill, rent at my apartment, storage, and bursar bill at school. It's not like I'm living off of her, I'm trying to help myself unlike my brother. When I was younger I was molested by my cousin for a year, my dads been in prison ever since I can remember, and I use those two struggles as the reasons to why I must succeed. I feel like I could be alot different in a worse way with who I am. Alot of people that experienced those two things are mad at the world, I simply want to succeed and be successful with who I am. Especially since my mom never tried to help, tell the police, get me counseling, or stop talking to my cousin I would think she would care about me alot more. But no, she only cares about my brother, because she doesn't care about me at all. It's not even about the car, it's about the way she's treated me for all 18 years of my life. Uggh thoughts please.
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theomarttesqarxvd : how do i calculate this??

2.Because of pressing financial obligations you are only able to make the minimum payment on your credit card bill of $8,000. Assume that you pay 2% of this balance ($160) each month on an account that is charging 18% interest.
(a)How long will it take to amortize your account?
(b)How much interest will you pay in the meantime?
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