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Cheenlyhoaree : I speak Spanish... and thw title in spanish would be Principio de Proporcionalidad aplicado en el delito de robo.... the thing is that I searched for info in both spanish and english..... but I cannot find a very good textbook or pdf or article than explain it to me so that I am able to understand it....

I want you to help me if you find information about it and just tell me, put the link or if you know explain it to me is for thesis.... I'm graduating from college to be a lawyer.

If I look for principle of proportionality or theft.... as single topics for sure I'm gonna find it........ but the problem is that I have to have them mixed together................. please helpppp

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Prongedge : Iraqi Law Firm, Iraqi
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Rermcrymn : Hiya!! I've been with my boyfriend a couple of years. I've always found him extremely generous and great. Like he'll give money to his friends if they need it and so on. He has a good job and lives with friends so his rent is cheap and bills are split.
Anyway the other week we started speaking about money. Somehow we got in to exes and money. I asked if he'd ever given a girl money before he thought for a while and said yes, he gave an ex €60 or €70 for her rent one week as she was going on holiday to her country and was stuck.
I was shocked, I don't know why I immediately felt like I'd been hit. Anyway, I didn't show this I asked which ex (as he has always claimed I'm his first serious girl) and he said he was seeing her nearly 2 months that it was a 'casual' relationship. So I said to him in a nice way...if its casual why would you lend her money...he said she offered to pay it back but he broke it off a week later and never asked for it back. He also said its not in his culture to 'stay with someone for free' (he is Arab...has a EU passport though smartasses)
Ok grand. I accept that. But he wasn't living with her and he used to only stay over once or twice a week.
I know it's his past and get over it already! But I don't understand why you would give someone money if your not in love with them and even if your not dating them properly! I mean he always gets horrified when his friends but girls flashy things after only knowing them a month! Yet he lent a girl money after a month! It doesn't add up!! Also he said that from the beginning he knew he would break it off with her as it was more boredom than anything.
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ArridoNop : lol
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cronsonia : Some times you just give money to help someone out because it is the right thing to do. It isn't about anything else.
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EmakyRageerak : Lol it don't add up that he gets mad when his friends buy girld flashy things after a month, bc he learned from.experience that its stupid. Get over urself who cares if he gave a girl money like its not ur business. R u jealous much lol get over it he's with you and loves you ok
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frismavaifede : The green eyed monster is eating you already. Oh dear!
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alkaclemype : So you are worked up over a few bucks even though he's given money to friends that he's not in love with before? I think you are making too much of this. Even by your own admission, it's his past. I think what doesn't ad up is how you've twisted this and made a mountain out of mole hill. What difference does it make if he was or wasn't in love before you or if he lent someone some pocket change?
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annemmartinp : Chillax just take a deep breath i recommand that u should find our its simple..... Okay, u just have to act that u dont have money to give the rent however dont give this reason because he will guess so just ask him for like huge amount for money but a little bit less than that girl and see if he gives u.... Its as simple as that and if he does than no problem but if he doesnt than u have to have a row... Best of luck
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incerpibe : What does this have to do with marriage and divorce?
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