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Vidsgaga : i want to ask a question that most of you wont really know how to answer i guess.. lets say 2 people got divorced. one lives in new york and the other in the middle east. the mother in the middle east is taking care of the children and the father from ny is sending each month a certain amount of money. now the father wont send the minimal amount that is signed in the decree. how do i take him to court when he lives in another continent and i dont have enough money to fly there, sleep at a motel, get a lawyer and so on. the court can only be in the united states and i dont have the money to do that so he is taking advantage of that with me helpless ! is there anything i can do !?

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wattplailky : I'm in a controlling relationship. I want to dance as in dance creatively and freely, and express myself. I have something to say, like breaking the chains of darkness into freedom. I don't want my boyfriend to find out, he thinks I'm going to be "grinding on Penises", getting drunk, but I'm not, I'm just going to dance and be free and help others be free. At a strip club, yes. But I just want to perform, not give any "private" dances. I can't expect him to be okay, with this, but I feel like I'm dying inside and being smothered. Yes, I'm also a singer, it's not the same as dancing in your mirror I guess. I mean, I don't know, I want the world to see. I feel like, they have to see. Most likely I will not be getting naked, or topless unless my art directs me to. You know. So sigh, idk what to do? He pays the bills, and really wants and needs my trustworthyness, but I'm afraid to leave because I have no way of supporting myself at this time, and I'm extremely tired and depressed from being controlled, that I feel I have no energy to "make it". I wish he understood, I'm not a whore, just an honest person,who wants to dance, but I guess I can't have it all. Or can I? He's really smart, and intelligent, and has great protective qualities for me, but I feel like I'm dying at the same time, and I don't want to go back to "struggling". But what's the price on happiness, this is my life, and I just don't know how to balance. And I don't have much time to not get it right, or go wrong, or make a mistake. I'm scared, I'm stressed.
@Colin, who said I had "all" this talent? I didn't. I said I love to dance, but anyway, obviously, you know, I hadn't been given all the opportunity to do it professionally or I would have. I'm an "artist". Well yeah, it's all about me, I want to be free, and I have to finish what I started, I just can't give it up, because I'm in a relationship now. I like the idea of starting a dance studio for the performing arts. Sad as it sounds, "I'm not doing it for the money." I mean I could do this free. Entertaining, performing, singing, writing, drawing. It's a pleasure of mine. And I'm glad I have the gift to do it. I'm not that young anymore, I'd do it professionally now. I would if I could. Reallistically, I can only do so mch, given the time, I have left to do it. You're right, no I won't "blow" it. Thank you for the advice. I don't necessarily "shake" my whatever, and no, not anybod
y..can do t, I can't. My style, my dance is a little different. I'd guess you'd have to be an artist to understand what I'm talking about. But, I thank you for the advice. I understand there will be pre-judgement placed on those considered "beautiful", or whatever, about being concieted, or vain, or wrapped up in their own self, but that's not the case for me, i've been trying to live and please other people all my life, having to deal with their jealousy, because they can't be pleased, and they're only disposition in life is to bring you down because they're jealous, and want something you have. But if you knew me, you'd know I wasn't. All I have, I give it all away, because it means nothing to me. All I want is to love and be loved.
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duyanggang10 : Get out if its uncomfortable.

Dancing in this day and age is not an expression of freedom. People are abused and perverse. Better to express freedom with your mind and words..or with a pen rather than with your body. Dancing is not freedom its just an illusion. If you love dancing do it privately for yourself. But best not to go into it.
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EduKui-Heru : It sounds to me its all about you and what you want. If you have all this talent that you say you have why don't you put it to good use in a local theatre production. Or start a dance studio for the performing arts. This man of yours seems to have respect for you, don't blow that or you will be on your own struggling to go nowhere fast. Anyone can shake their butt in a bar for a few bucks, but then the temptation to make more money is always there. So give your head a shake and think about your future, you can go up or you can go down if you don't make the right decision.
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StoomyTog : I'm been depressed for nearly a decade and the only thing I do is fantasize about superpowers, especially flying. It's juvenile, but it's what I'm interested in. I don't care about anything else and honestly don't see a future for myself.

My father died and through life insurance and what not, I have over a million dollars. In the 6 years he has been gone, I've done nothing with it except paying bills, house, health and basically just necessities. All I do is save. I have idiopathic hypersomnia which makes me completely worthless and realize I won't ever be able to work, so I have to make the money last as long as possible.

To become a wingsuit base jumper would take many years and a huge capital investment. I already have a couple skydive's and signed up for an AFF program, but quit because it got too expensive.

This would be a huge investment with no financial return. I just thought that maybe this way I'll at least do something and be happy instead of always being in my house sleeping or contemplating suicide. If I don't manage to kill myself on one of these jumps, I would be basically burning through my safety net.

So, Yes or No?
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booriiss : So I can't really afford my auto insurance and I was wondering about giving up driving car for a while until I can afford it again. I don't know what happens if you do that though, my policy is scheduled to be up in the next two months and I don't really have the money to keep paying it and my medical bills at the moment. What happens if I just don't renew it and stop driving my car until I can afford insurance again? Is there anything I can do to accomplish this?
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roritriagma : Yes you can do that. If the car is not being driven, you do not need insurance. Unless you have a lien holder that requires you to have collision and comprehensive coverage due to the loan.
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novaexate : yeah , like Shadetree said.
I cancel ins on my car a few months ago because i wasnt using it and tired of paying ins. i have a diff form of transportation.

But also in my state , you have to return your lic plates to the state or they will automatically revoke your drivers lic, and will have pay fine to reinstate drivers lic . The ins co sends the state a notice when your ins expires . so be sure to find out if you need to do that in your state.
also , if you cancel now , your insurance will refund you that last 2 months of you ins you did not use.
i had gieco and when i told i had not even driven the car for a couple months . they even refunded me an extra month i didnt even ask for .
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Alibabamen : Never allow your insurance coverage to lapse (due to non-payment). That indicates you have financial problems and the insurance company will key on that and consider you a higher risk than others.

Instead, be proactive and cancel your insurance. That has less impact on your risk assessment, although the insurance company will use the gap in coverage as an excuse to charge slightly higher premiums. It's a scam the use for any reason to charge higher premiums.

As for not driving, that's your choice. You may find it better health wise (to walk or ride a bike) and financially less expensive.

Your sate will demand you either prove insurance coverage or turn in your registration. Do not park yoru car on the street because it still must be insured even if you don't drive it. In some places, even if parked in your driveway, an unregistered car can be towed (I call it Grand Theft - Auto by the state). But I think they do that when neighbors complain about a junky looking car.
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Soosparobsera : I got rejected twice from one bank and anther. I even went on to get a co signer for the loan but still rejected. I think its because I have a bill from the hospital to pay off, but I shouldn't have any debt from besides my existing student loans. I have paid my bills on time, and never had a car or put things on layaway.

So why am I getting rejected so much?
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