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Etepsips : My lawyer spoke with the arresting officers manager and he said they lost the tape, should I expect charges to be dropped? Btw im innocent. I was unaware I was being pursued because I was hauling ass on my motorcycle, not looking back. I was apprehended at a red light waiting for the light to lawyer says this is a case of "felony speeding" (which doesn't exist)
My lawyer told me the officer has messed up because he said I was making evasive maneuvers, which I did not. I didn't switch lanes. And at 120 mph your not monitoring your mirrors and you can't hear anything but motorcycle. And also those mirrors don't view straight behind you. The both aim to the rear left and right for lane changes. I sat at the light for at least 30 seconds before they pulled up and I didn't try to leave, who evades arrest and waits for the red light lol
I'm not pleading guilty to a felony. I had no reason to evade. No record no warrants no drugs/alc in my system. I will go to trial before I plead guilty. That's what a $100 lawyer does. I have a top dollar lawyer and he says pleading guilty is not an option. They are trying to hide something by "losing the tape" the tape will show I didn't look back and the vehicle diagram I have shows the intent of those mirrors. INNOCENT TILL PROVEN GUILTY RIGHT?.. according to my lawyer he says they will probably drop it to reckless op. And I'll be fined. Which I'll plead if that's the charge.

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SkipSnuntee : They successfully prosecuted for evading arrest well before there were dash cams.
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nhedukoc : The charges can still stick. Officers word will be believed more the yours plus your own story has major faults. Such as rear view mirrors on the side of your bike along with not noticing flashing lights and a siren. You may have had a helmet on but still can hear enough and see flashing lights in your mirror.

So unlikely charges will be dropped and will stick. Probably also will be convicted of such. Best bet is to suck it up and admit wrong and hope they go light on you to avoid jail.
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CobyStoll : Hmmmm.......I don't think the loss of the "dash cam" is going to make much difference. If a police officer witnesses someone committing a crime, his testimony would be the evidence that it happened. And you aren't even denying that it happened; you're just giving an alternative reason for it. So I doubt the charges will be dropped.

I also don't think your claim that you were unaware you were being pursued is going to get you very far. For one thing, it's almost impossible to believe. I'm not saying you're lying, but if I think you might be lying, so will the judge/jury, whatever. If they do believe you were unaware of it, they're going to say that you must've been going like a bat out of hell if you didn't realize there was a police car trying to pull you over. That's probably what your lawyer means by "felony speeding." No matter which way it goes it doesn't look good for you.

You didn't really ask for advice, but if I were in your position I would totally change my tack. I'd go in there wearing a suit and tie (if I were a man) and plead guilty. Stand in front of the judge and tell him you know you were being an *ss, driving like a madman because you were enjoying your motorcycle; you know it was wrong and you don't plan to ever do it again. Act like a solid citizen who is truly embarrassed that he got himself into a predicament like this. That MIGHT make your story about being unaware of the police more belieavable, and it might give the judge the idea that you deserve a second chance. I would think that MIGHT lead to the charges being dropped. But if you go in there with an attitude, acting like you've been framed or something, I think they'll come down on you.

OK so I read your additional comments, so it sounds like you have a plan! But I still think you should look stable and act contrite. Even if the police totally trumped up the "evading" charge, the judge will still think it's bad that you didn't hear or see the police car. No matter what you end up getting convicted of, he'll go easier on you if you act regretful rather than put-upon, is all I'm saying. But it's up to you.
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zgjytkofcj : I've been with my boyfriend for almost two months and he's actually the type that would be looking for a future with someone.however he's 27 and doesn't have a college degree and works manual labour , now I'm not saying I can't be with someone like that , but there's a certain point every month where he's broke.

When I was out with him I was paying for something and he stuck his hand in my wallet as I was paying so I asked him what he was doing he said taking your money , I told him off about it and he said he was joking and as we were leaving he said you're Rich you can pay for my bills , I was not happy about what he said and I told him off again about it. Yesterday he told me he doesn't want me to think he's struggling , he then went on to say I know you guys have money ( my family ) and he's not rich so he will do what he can , my family isn't even rich were pretty average I told him you don't know how my family is.

Point of what I'm trying to ask for help is , a guy who is 27 is supposed to be starting to get his life together. Now I'm not saying me and him have a future for sure but if we do and he's in this situation all the time and doesn't have the right job to support a family it's not easy. He says he wants to do this and that but never does , his education he gave an excuse of not having the opportunity and money to go to college when all of his sisters did and Everyone works to pay for their school fees even if they have rent bills etc to pay
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Tevyemalm : Yeah, I'm going to have to say I think it's time for you to evaluate your relationship/future.

Some manual labor jobs can be good-paying, depending upon the company a person works for. However, if he is not able to manage his money and is struggling, that tends to put a damper on things, let alone do you really want to be supporting this guy for the rest of your life?

How old are you? I'm 28, and have been there before in younger years in my life. However, I busted my butt and went back to school and worked full-time. Depending on how driven he is, he can do the same. If you don't feel that he has any desire to provide for you in the future, or at least help out more, I would say you need to cut your losses, as hard as it may be. (i.e. break up). I know how I have felt when dating others who I didn't feel could, "hold their own." Mine ended in a break up. I knew it wasn't what I wanted (though I didn't need someone to support me).

If he really wanted to pursue college, he has every opportunity with student loans.

Good luck to you.
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oscinkikix : You only known him for 2 months and he's doing that type of joking. Could you say red flags!!!!! I would dump his ass.
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DapoXetine : Not making a lot of money is one thing but this guy actually tried to steal from you. I would find it impossible to think that there was any other reason for him to hang around other than to be a sponge. Maybe you are feeling some kind of guilt, like judging someone on their social status is wrong, which it is, but the guy is a thief! Kick him to the curb, no good will come of this relationship for you.
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Allolacib : Ive been with directv for 6 years and I fell behind on my directv bill for a few months by $340.00 ( I know it's a lot).My contract is up once the past due is paid. I can now afford to pay the bill but they want a $40 reactivaton fee.(I can afford this but dont think I should have to pay it.) Now all I want is Nfl Sunday ticket and 1 receiver. Any ways my question is can I get the $40 fee waived and get new customer privileges such as free nfl Sunday ticket??? After all I've paid at least $100 a month for 6 years.
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phypewenteeko : He heading down the Lindsey Lohan path.
His time will be up soon but the little girls will still adore him.
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