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InereSheesY : My employer is planning on putting together a handbook just so they can cover up the illegal behavior of my coworker who recently bullied, harassed, and verbally assaulted me for an hour and a half because I had on some aftershave. He told my employer that I was subjecting it to him on purpose. My employer talked to me about this incident and we both had agreed on the fact that this person's behavior is way beyond the scope of what's reality. Two weeks later, my employer decides to blame me for the guy's behavior. The empoyee told him that I made him do it.

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LodiniBof : bullied, harassed, and verbally assaulted me for an hour and a half because I had on some aftershave. He told my employer that I was subjecting it to him on purpose.

So you just stood there and let him carry on. Most of us would have walked away pronto.
Your last phrase is silly.
What sort of Micky Mouse organisation are you working for.?
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jcgpice557 : I know you don't want to hear this, but...

Can't stand folks who whine about the cologne/perfume/aftershave - even though I now understand why.

They cough and hack and put on a real show, making real j@cka$$es of themselves. It's hysterical.

I would let this slide. You are not going to win - the whiners in this kind of situation ALWAYS win. It's annoying but true.

I would be the bigger man. Quit wearing the aftershave to work too. DO look into getting some essential oil if you like to smell good. Patchouli is great. What's great about essential oil - it has to be essential oil, is that it smells great and doesn't overpower. Your opponent could complain about it to the skies, and won't get anywhere, because it's not offensive.

Make your own aftershave:
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Kellcouplef : I am sensitive to perfumes and anything that has a fragrance, so i can understand the objection to aftershave - and I had to send an employee home once because they reeked of the smell. Now, for me, it is quite a serious health problem, it works like poison to my body - the inflammation it causes in reaction gives me considerable pain, so I cannot be present where there is any strong scent. That being said, to be verbally assaulted is completely uncalled for and unwarranted.

Now, here is the argument - no one can make anyone else behave like the employee did. Did you wave his arms and his mouth to say the things he said and treat you in such a manner? You need to file a complaint - and ask to make it a formal complaint. And, you need to object to changing the handbook - harassment and bullying is not something that can be changed by rewriting a handbook - it can be a crime and it is clearly against state labor laws. Go talk to your employer and beg him to reconsider as this could cause him problems in the future. The company handbook needs to serve all employees in a judicious manner, not pander to some ridiculous behavior.

May I suggest that you apologize to the employee for causing them discomfort. Fragrance is not acceptable in most workplaces. If push comes to shove, you have the right to file a formal complaint to the State Labor Board for the bullying and mistreatment.
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Effitswes : I went to the Washington Adventist Hospital. I have paid the bill from the hospital, but recently received another bill from EMA (Emergency Medicine Associates) which is two times expensive than that from the hospital. Anyone knows about this organization? Why I received two bills from one visit?
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eraliahef : You need to contact the billing department for an explanation. I would guess that the EMA is for the doctor services which apparently bills separately than the hospital.
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Willeke : One's from the hospital for use of the emergency room, the other is from the emergency room doctor who is not a hospital employee. I had three bills as there were two different doctors who saw me. That's the way nearly all hospitals do it.
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gooeeix : One is the doctor's bill, one is the hospital bill.
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monitautto : I'm been depressed for nearly a decade and the only thing I do is fantasize about superpowers, especially flying. It's juvenile, but it's what I'm interested in. I don't care about anything else and honestly don't see a future for myself.

My father died and through life insurance and what not, I have over a million dollars. In the 6 years he has been gone, I've done nothing with it except paying bills, house, health and basically just necessities. All I do is save. I have idiopathic hypersomnia which makes me completely worthless and realize I won't ever be able to work, so I have to make the money last as long as possible.

To become a wingsuit base jumper would take many years and a huge capital investment. I already have a couple skydive's and signed up for an AFF program, but quit because it got too expensive.

This would be a huge investment with no financial return. I just thought that maybe this way I'll at least do something and be happy instead of always being in my house sleeping or contemplating suicide. If I don't manage to kill myself on one of these jumps, I would be basically burning through my safety net.
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scanrpinteyrocza : Go buy yourself an Icon A5.
You'll be able to get your pilots license within a few days, and you can be flying by the end of the week.
Faster, safer, further and you can fly whenever you want, with whoever you want.
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