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aliefique : convicted child molester gets 9 months time served in 1990. on 5 counts of lewd and lascivious acts on a child under 14 with pc of obscene matter. My state provided attorney at the end only informed me that the case was over and he was being released. 25 yrs later (I was a minor) age 13 when it went to court. I find out that I actually won the case on all five acts and he did 9 months time served. Does anyone know how I can go about finding out why he was convicted and released according to penal code 288 (a). I would also like to know if I have any rights to sue the state for mental anguish for all these years?

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othepledode : being that old not sure but you have the right to ask your states attorney and see if he can help you
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urbatotoona : YOU did not WIN anything. The state won a conviction, apparently, and the felon served the time meted out by the court. The fact that you were upset over the crime is part of what makes this a serious crime. The court disposed of the case as they should have.

As I interpret your complaint, you believed the man was released when in fact he was convicted and imprisoned for 9 months, therefore you suffered needless anguish. Any possible anguish would have lasted only for the 9 months he was imprisoned and during which you thought he was free. After the 9 months, he WAS free and any anguish you experienced was not due to the actions of the court. 25 years later, you have no anguish related to the sentence or the expired prison term. It's hard for me to see any miscarriage of justice here. You might contact an attorney to see if you have a civil action against this molester. Don't hold your breath.
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Rabjossybop : I am not a lawyer nor do I have any legal education, but from what you describe, no, your rights have not been violated. IDK why you didn't have your parents to legally watch out for you or a proper legal guardian.

As for finding out what the legalities were for your case, you probably would need to go to the court house and physically look at the case record unless you are able to hire an attorney to do that for you.

As for your other question, you would need to ask an attorney. I'm pretty sure your statute of limitations has expired.

You can post free questions on AVVO. Make sure you state which state you were in and other pertinent information.
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toribhibbleri : I was in a motorcycle accident where it was the other drivers fault. I have multiple injuries (couple broken bones) and the insurance has already offered to fix my motorcycle and pay my medical bills.
If I have medical insurance, will they pay me the total medical bill or only what came out of my pocket?

Thank you
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VanIOi : Hopefully I can get some helpful, kind answers.

I have this problem with my boyfriend of 5 years (I'm 20, he's 21, he works a full time job, I work part time, we live together and plan on getting married in a few years). He is obsessed with being the "biggest fan" of 5 certain fandoms (Harry Potter, Zelda, Lemony Snicket, AFI, and Squidbillies) that he held onto dearly during his crappy child hood. His mom mentally and physically abused, and he used these five fandoms as an escape from his life. They also grew up poor (well, his mother would blow all the money they had an stuff from CL), and he never got to buy hardly any toys or anything from these fandoms that all his friends did, not even the books.

Now, as an adult of 21, he as the compulsive need to ALWAYS prove that he is the best or biggest fan in those fandoms. It's mainly obsessive buying of merchandise, along with hours of time spent researching and memorizing facts about them. He has to feel as if he can prove his devotion to the fandom and that he is "the biggest fan" in both knowledge and merchandise, or going to as many concerts as possible. It puts massive stress on him when he doesn't feel he is the biggest fan or can't buy something in that fandom.

It's always AFI, lemony snicket, zelda, harry potter, and squidbillies, but he hops around every month or so to which one he focuses on. It always feels like a constant weight on him, and he's extremely stressed out by this.

I try to understand, but it's hard for me to. It puts a huge crutch on us financially, as he's always wanting to buy more and more merchandise. He's spent over $1000 this last year, which doesn't seem like a lot, but when we have nothing in savings, and live pay check to pay check, it's hard.

I want to save money, for emergencies, and just to have some money saved up. I've drawn up budget plans and have spending and saving stuff I drew up in excel to track how much and on what we each spend. He wants to save as well, but for more stuff. (Before we moved in together and had bills to pay, I had $1000 in my savings, but that vanished with the bills and getting very few hours at first. He had $2 in his savings)

I thought after he bought his $400 record, it'd be enough. He'd be content. But it's NEVER enough. He already is "saving up" $600 to go to 4 concerts, and saw something he really wants on ebay.

He does want to start saving like I am though, and is happy with the budget plans. But at the same time, he is extremely stressed about it too. We talk about this too, but I don't know how to solve it. So here I am on the interwebs. :p

Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!
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briantompsenrtyfd : Tell him that you accept his fandom but point out that there
is the higher matter of your future.
Offer him a serious about your relationship by
spending a great deal less on concerts, etc. OR face that
you will move on. And mean it!
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Medicalfave : Did the same thing with Gilligans Island, not buying tons of stuff just having to know every fact. Let him be a fan just tell him if he's going to make a big purchase to talk to you beforehand.
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ZextEpireerve : if you had bills to pay, or just give up and wallow in your own misery?
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ArridoNop : have had SEVERAL part-time jobs at the same time to make ends meet. It scked, but I did it rather than get on WELFARE.
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