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Jonut : how can I tell a lawyer is not a scammer pretending to be a lawyer ? I got in to some trouble with traffic tickets so I need a lawyer > I don't know anything about lawyers so I find one from google search but how can I be sure its a real lawyer . how can i be sure ?

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ericl2299 : Licensing
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ivanbyss : You can ask the bar association or see the lawyer's diploma in their office.
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Evarroria : First, ask for the license information from the lawyer.
Then call your State Bar Association to verify the license,
background, and any pending or resolved issues concerning
that particular attorney.
Also, ask if that particular attorney is qualified to practice in
that part of the legal field.
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vdkm6b18 : It depends where you are, but many state bars now allow you to verify that a lawyer is still in good standing on-line.

A google check will also tell you if there has been any disciplinary sanctions imposed on that lawyer.
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Meego2012 : Is there any way I can pay my ebay fees when I receive payment instead of a annoying bill at the end of the month
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ExannaMaf : They do not give you that option.
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Cackaragtuts : They do offer that option.

My Ebay > Account (next to messages tab) > Scroll down and there is an option to make a one time payment.
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zerneerseKade : Hello. I am 27 and I still live at home. I work full-time and go to school for psychology. I am living with my mother to help her out after my father had died, leaving her with a gargantuan amount of debt.

We've already lost her house, so we now live in a 4-bedroom town home along with my younger brother and sister. All of my money is tied up in bills -- we live paycheck to paycheck -- and we haven't any extra to save for emergencies. I can't even go to the gym anymore because gas is so expensive...I feel myself growing more and more unhealthy.

I was diagnosed with bi-polar II disorder at a very young age. I have been taking various amounts of medicines to keep my mood stabilized. I found one that worked not too long ago -- loxipine. It was great for a while -- 4.0 gpas, stable affect, etc. I think I've developed a tolerance for it, for my affect has declined severely, and I am back at my depressed state.

Honestly, I just want someone to kill me. I don't care. I can't even go back to the doctor until I pay my co-payment, which is $140 that I don't have. I don't want to live. I pray for someone to actually kill me, but it never happens.

I can't get/keep a girlfriend because of my attitude. Sometimes, I feel as if my prefrontal cortex never developed -- as if I am destined to be like this. I hate life. It is supposed to be somewhat enjoyable, but I feel NO JOY in living at all.

Don't tell me to turn to God; I tried and he does nothing because he doesn't exist. I am getting much so that I want to start killing others...but I don't want to...

When I have completely exhausted my regard for everyone and everything in this life, I will have already died. I am reaching that point, and I fear it is simply around the corner. What am I to do?
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sharonben : Take a vacation
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