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salepoucj : I work for the federal justice system and am constantly told that the "poor" judges salaries are around $160,000 a year because they had made in the private sector millions before becoming jugdes. So why become a judge and get such a major salary downgrade? I don't buy the excuses I get from co-workers. Example, If I work for Burger King as a cashier making 15.00 per hour, why would I accept a managers position for minimum wage? Makes no sense! I doubt a cashier makes that much but why accept less money for higher resposibility?!

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torpwelmeo : something different, and personal reasons like self development
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rbjarmkgxvvw : Your basic premise is correct but few lawyers make millions in private practice. I wanted to become a judge but it would have meant taking a 50% cut in income. So I decided not to do so. Result is that there are many lousy to mediocre judges.
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indiananimator : For some, it's not about the money.
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floasyDrala : Many do it for prestige factor. There is a big difference between Burger King manager and Judge obviously.

Many other lawyers becme judges as a form of giving back, repaying the system that provided that large income.

Oh, and Managers at BK make more than cashiers.
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Cnoefbc : You need to understand money as a motivating factor.

There have been lots of studies done on the motivation of money. As it turns out, money is only important up to a certain point. Money is a great motivator, as long as you need food, rent, and the basics to be comfortable.

But once you've reached a point where you have the basic necessities of life, money becomes less important.

160k is more then enough to buy food and pay rent. So it's no longer about the money. It becomes more about what you want in life.

I'll use Burger King as an example. Let's say that you could make $200,000 as a line worker. Doing nothing but put fries in and taking fries out. That's all you do all day long. Just stand there, with feet hurting, smelling like grease, bad skin because of the grease, boring job.

You can be the manager, and you would only make $150,000 . As manager you get a variety of tasks. You don't have to stand all day. You don't have the grease. You get to make the big decisions.

Many people enjoy being the one who's in charge.
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teexarige : My husband and I are separated & about to go through what looks like a pretty nasty divorce. I'm 22, he's 19. We got married May 26, 2012. Separated July 2013. I have a 4 year old from a different guy. Me & my soon to be ex, have 18 month old twins together & a little girl due in November.
Here's our living situations, I live with my mom, in a 3 bedroom house. My mom is in one room & my 4 year old sleeps with her. Even with her own bed, she decides to sleep with my mom. My 16 year old sister is in her own room. & my twins and the newborn will share the extra room. I sleep on the couch so the kids will have their own room. I don't currently have a job, but I'm looking. My mom is a RN so she makes enough to pay the bills and help me with the kids.
His living situation: Living in a 3 bedroom double wide. His brother, sister in law, their son & 3 other people live there. They always have extra people staying over, drinking, partying. He doesn't have a job, he drives around looking for "junk" to take to the steel mill to make a little money. He sometimes has to sleep in the bed with his brother & SIL because there's so many people in the house. Their lights are always getting cut off, they have pre-paid power so they have no idea when it could be cut off.
About us: I don't drink, smoke anything, or take any drugs. I have one medication that is prescribed to me. & I have proof of it. I always make sure my kids are clean & have clean diapers. They eat all the time. I take care of them.
Him: I'm not sure if he does any drugs, but I know he hast these times when he gets bad & starts taking up to 12 percacets/loracets a day. He can go without them but that's hardly ever. He's hardly ever home and his truck doesn't have AC, so he can't take the kids with him so they'd be stuck with someone almost all day.

Based on all this, who would get custody? Or is there any chance he could take them from me? I do what's best for my children & he acts like he does what's best for them when he's in front of people. Not to mention, he just told me he wanted DNA on one of our twins because he doesn't the he is his. They're TWINS!
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Icecrepay : If you want to be sure you will get custody 1)get a job. Anything as long as you have it, target os great and will hire anyone. 2) get your own place, if you can't afford it apply for housing assistance or section 8 as a single pregnant women with children you will be at the top of the list. 3) have a car, and a cell phone. 4) don't do anything to agitate your ex, remember the judge is looking for the person who is that mature responsible adult, able to support themself and their children.
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Dizmeaxia : Gee, I can see what made this guy so irresistible that you wanted to have 3 children with him in the space of 2 years! Does he even want shared custody of the 3 children? You can ask for a home evaluation- if there's no decent place for the children to sleep, the court probably won't give him overnight visits.
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Cryclorgo : He doesn't seem very smart. Personally I think you would get custody for multiple reasons. One, being because of the drinking and partying. Second, I'm not sure if this really matters but, you are older than him and he is still kinda young. They might view you as the more responsible one because of that.
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