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AccibbofsDW : Want a a lawyer service for all issues in all states except Alaska and 17$ a month? Try legal shield. Think always having an affordable yet still great lawyer there. Why not try? You can always cancel.

-is underscore
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Petertymn : Will they help me sue people who spam?
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UglyLloydlty : wow! just what i wanted! thanks for the 2 points !
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EasedSokStoks : Can you be committed of bankruptcy fraud even if you made luxury purchases more than three months before filing? I know someone who has over $5,000 in unpaid medical bills that date back to as late as 2008, although I think they have only started going to collections about two years ago. She is refusing to pay them and has said for over one year now that she is planning on filing bankruptcy on them. However, every time I turn around, she is making some kind of unneeded, luxury purchase. Since last summer, she and her husband have purchased a trampoline, a Chevy Yukon (although it is used and I believe to have many miles, it is a nice, newer model with dvd, leather, etc. And since they already have a newer, gas-guzzling Expedition,I believe this gas-guzzling Yukon is unnecessary), a second xbox360, a Kindle (because every eight year old who hates reading needs a Kindle for his birthday!), three bunkbeds for their three boys (although they made them themselves, I'm sure it still cost a few hundred just in wood alone), a playhouse (again, they built themselves), a couch (I think they may have purchased this on craigslist, but nothing was wrong with their old couch, that I know of. They just got it because "it was a good deal."), and have taken a recent vacation, among other things...all within a year! Plus, she said she's planning on buying a go-kart or four-wheeler and a huge screen tv in the near future.

I know that they check your spending three months prior to the time you file bankruptcy. But what if you made all these purchases a year before you file, knowing at least a year before these purchases that you are going to file? Isn't it still considered bankruptcy fraud?
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trelfHexrurry : A more likely scenario is that her Chapter 7 filing would be denied. Qualifying to file for Chapter 7 is not guaranteed. A lot of people make empty threats of filing for bankruptcy. Filing for Chapter 7 is not free and will cost $1,500 to $2,000 on paying this amount of money over $5,000 in medical debt does not make any sense. Your friend is bluffing.
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preadledema : Most of these purchases will not get them in trouble. Buying lumber to build their children a tree house and bunk beds actually means these are frugal people. A used car bought for cash on Craigs List is not going to be recorded anywhere. They did not go into debt with these purchases, so they do not count.

Whether or not these vehicles are gas guzzling, does not matter, does it?

What the issue is here is that you are ridden by a demon called "envy"... It's actually one of the 7 deadly sins.... I would cut it out immediately.

Any loans or debts incurred within 6 months before the bankruptcy filing may be the cause to get denied a chapter 7.

Buying vehicles for cash, used furniture and material to build things... all with cash... are not going to be any reason why they would be denied a chapter 7. This woman is just "talking" about it. She has not contacted a lawyer yet nor has she gotten any legal counsel.

You should just mind your own business... it will be so much better for your immortal soul.
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Smaluemelmisy : I'd probably just stay out of it.
I don't think a $199 Kindle is exactly "luxury"
Even if it, there are 2 people in this family. If the husband is purchasing the items in his name only; the wife would not be considered part of those transactions.
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hahAltessyrar : I really want to join and I've heard one of the benefits is that they pay for your college. Do they? If so, do they pay for all of it or just some? And how do you earn that?
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robertslopezg : Do some research. If you go to the reserves they pay half, active duty you'll go for free but you will only have time for a class or 2 if you're lucky. You can either do that or enlist with a degree and have them pay your loans back
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toBuyAccutane : If you are interested in becoming an Officer in the Navy than you can go through NROTC and they will pay college tuition. Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps, is a program designed so you can join the Navy and have your college payed for. But I don't know of any other way to have college payed for by the Navy.
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