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poenceRaipleKip : Rapists, thieves, murderers etc.

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enzypsusy : $$$$$$$$$$$$$
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Escossebroods : yep, they sure do
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profileback498 : I'm sure some do,they have to eat too.I'm sure when they get better at what they do they have more/better choices in Clients
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femolermed : Yes. They'd be out of a job if they didn't, because the fact is 99 percent of people on trial are guilty of something. That's why they're on trial.
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NitengekGen : Yes but the lawyer can't tell anyone if they are guilty it's lawyer client confidentiality
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vitalykim : Yes, its part of their duty to their client. According to the famous Latin dictum in law " no one is guilty unless proven so"
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kViktuk : In the US people are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court. Unless the lawyer has specific knowledge otherwise there is no problem with him defending the accused.
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camarok : I want to cry just thinking about my situation. I am nowhere near religious, but it feels that God is playing tricks on me. I just feel so guilty that I'm still in college, but comparing to a lot of my close friends they already graduated and went off to get their masters or started their career. Even some of my younger cousins already graduated. I'm already 23 and was supposed to graduate next year, but now I realized that I might not even get into the program that I originally planned to get into. My parents dont pay for my tuitions, but they can if I asked. I feel so guilty and a big failure because my family members keep nagging and making fun of me. They don't tell me that they're disappointed, but I know that I'm being compared to. Honestly, I don't care how long it takes for me to finish college, but I feel really bad that my family don't see the other things I've accomplished. I've gotten myself jobs and pretty much supported myself throughout the years I was in college. I never asked my parents to pay my bills, because I know that they have to fork up over 20,000 for my brothers tuition. So yea ... this might be a rant, but I'm just really upset. How long did it take you to graduate college? Make me feel better, please?
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SoobImbTemDam : It's completely normal for it to take longer to get a degree while you're working to pay for it. Why would it matter what anyone might think? If they aren't paying for it, then their opinion doesn't count. There is no time clock or time limit on graduation. There may be unit limitations if you change majors a lot, but most students don't come close to those limits. If anyone nags you or makes fun of you, just say you'll finish much more quickly if they pay for your tuition. Tell them how much it costs each semester and ask them how much they will pay for you to do it faster. Otherwise, you can say that you're paying for your own education, so only your opinion counts until someone else wants to pick up the bill. Many other students graduate quickly and then have a mountain of loans to pay off for 10-20 years afterwards. So who's the one who REALLY finished faster? It's much easier to finish school quickly when someone else is paying for it. What you're doing is much harder, so there's no reason to feel guilty about it. You should expect it to be harder and take longer, and if other people don't agree, then they are just ignorant and not worth acknowledging.

I paid for most of my undergrad education by working, with minimal student loans. It took longer to do it. I was working fulltime and taking classes only part-time in community college to prepare for transfer. I paid for 100% of my expenses in community college. I didn't give damn how long it took. I knew that I was making progress. Every class I took was one more out of the way to my goal. I also put in the effort to get straight A's as much as I could do. After transfer to a university, I worked part-time and went to school part-time and full-time, depending on the time I had. I graduated with two degrees at the top of my class. So to anyone who might think that I took too long, I don't care one even tiny little bit. We all have our own paths and make our own choices. It's not a bad choice to take longer to graduate by paying for the costs yourself. It's a good choice. Never regret good choices that you make, regardless of what others think. And I'll guarantee that I took longer to graduate than you did. I enjoyed going to university, so why is it a bad thing to enjoy it longer if you're paying for it yourself? There are worse things in the world than going to college - you aren't hurting anyone by taking longer - and you aren't hurting yourself. Once you get the degree, nobody is going to care and it's easy to explain that you took longer because you supported yourself. Most everyone will accept that as a good reason.
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