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Cobfetattaima : My highschool tried bluffing me but I called their bluff. Is what they did illegal? So after I turned 18 I decided I wanted to surrender my special education rights. I'm very old for my age and grade. I will be a senior this year and turned 18 in June. So my mother and I went t my I.E.P meeting in April. I did what they wanted but new I would be surrendering everything when I turned 18. So the day after I turned 18 I went down to the Child Study team and wanted to take my self out of special education. I told them I was very excited. They kept telling me that I didn't want to do this and I didn't have the authority to. I said "what did you just say"? He said " I said you don't have the authority to take yourself out of special education?" So I took out my phone and he asked me who I was calling. " My Lawyer (my brother). I want you to tell him why I don't have the authority to take myself out of special education". Anyway he gave in and I took myself out. Is what he did legal?

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DrAmbrroose : Nothing wrong here
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victoriaeannyD : It's hard to get back in once you leave.
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CobyStoll : My 13-year-old son recently used my credit card on pornographic websites, spending a total of $10. I found out when the bill came in the mail yesterday. Before I opened it, he told me what he'd done and sure enough, the charge was there. I was furious, and I grounded him for a whole year and sent him straight to his room. I also took off my belt and told him that if he gives me any trouble, I will spank him with it.

I grounded him to his room, meaning that he has to stay in his room at all time except for school, meals, and to use the bathroom.

Other than that, the terms of his grounding are:
No Computer
No Video games (I am actually going to sell his video game consoles to pay for the $100 on porn)
No phone
No friends
No fun books (The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, stuff like that.)
An early bedtime of 8:00pm every night.

So far, he has obeyed all the terms of his grounding. He does seem to feel some remorse for what he did. I am very disappointed in him. He was always a good kid, and has never been in major trouble before. I never imagined he would steal from me and use it to buy pornography.

What do you think, is this an appropriate punishment or am I being too harsh? Please let me know what you think!
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Petertymn : You are being too harsh. I'm sure everyone watches porn. He is only 13, he is at that age you know?
I think that's too overboard.
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UglyLloydlty : He's going through a phase, all 13 year old males watch porn.

It's not cool that he used your card without permission though. Although I highly doubt you would allow him to use it for what specific thing anyways if he asked to lol. At least let him watch tv or something, he needs something to keep his mind working.
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srfecti644 : What the heck! You did it the right thing, mom. I just don't get why an underage kid would watch porn. Maybe because he's growing and stuff. But he paid for it!! He should've used the free online websites but noooo there's a law that says only 18++. Soo nevermind... You did a good job mom. *thumbs up*
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theomarttestmk : I would say thats a tad on the harsh side! An entire year without friends just isnt fair, that could have detrimental effects on his social abilities, and create mental health issues that would continue into adult life.
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DogTrainer : Ofcourse you should tell him his punishment is a year but after a few weeks or so have a talk with him & let him off
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gestundurgire : Your being to harsh on him at least you know now he isn't gay and you actually CAN trust him ! He came to you first and he probably feels sorry ! Just sell back all his stuff he bought on it an ground him for maybe a month or two ! Not a year that's too hard on him and everyone.
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