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zIvigiorryize : troll

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evaBorkJeoke : This was already asked on November 28, 2010, at 7:59:49 AM GMT. Troll.
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qndrew2012 : As a teenage male myself, I think it's a bit too harsh. We will at look at porn out of curiosity. If he wants to do it, that's okay. Just tell him there are free sites where you do not have to pay.

Make sure he understands that stealing credit cards is unacceptable, however.
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kjoseb : Keep the terms of the grounding, except shorten it to a month, and I think the lesson will be learned.
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UsefeDerb : I think you're being a little too harsh. I understand why you would be upset,but at least he told you before hand what he had done. He's growing up and going through hormones,we all go through a phase similar to that. I think that there should be some sort of punishment,but not to the point to where you take away his books. If you want him to learn from this,taking everything away from him and scowling him isn't the right way. Sit down and talk with him,give him a few privileges at least. Locking him up in his room with absolutely nothing to do for a year is wrong,think about it. At his age he needs to learn how to interact and socialize,right now the way you're punishing him isn't giving him that opportunity.
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laasathkaqasa : How are you going to keep up with that for a year?
Yeah that was stupid but kids do stupid things..
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Jamases : You're too harsh. All boys get to the age where they watch porn. It's not right that he used your credit card without permission, but at least he told you the truth.
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Rermcrymn : Hiya!! I've been with my boyfriend a couple of years. I've always found him extremely generous and great. Like he'll give money to his friends if they need it and so on. He has a good job and lives with friends so his rent is cheap and bills are split.
Anyway the other week we started speaking about money. Somehow we got in to exes and money. I asked if he'd ever given a girl money before he thought for a while and said yes, he gave an ex €60 or €70 for her rent one week as she was going on holiday to her country and was stuck.
I was shocked, I don't know why I immediately felt like I'd been hit. Anyway, I didn't show this I asked which ex (as he has always claimed I'm his first serious girl) and he said he was seeing her nearly 2 months that it was a 'casual' relationship. So I said to him in a nice way...if its casual why would you lend her money...he said she offered to pay it back but he broke it off a week later and never asked for it back. He also said its not in his culture to 'stay with someone for free' (he is Arab...has a EU passport though smartasses)
Ok grand. I accept that. But he wasn't living with her and he used to only stay over once or twice a week.
I know it's his past and get over it already! But I don't understand why you would give someone money if your not in love with them and even if your not dating them properly! I mean he always gets horrified when his friends but girls flashy things after only knowing them a month! Yet he lent a girl money after a month! It doesn't add up!! Also he said that from the beginning he knew he would break it off with her as it was more boredom than anything.
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ArridoNop : lol
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frismavaifede : The green eyed monster is eating you already. Oh dear!
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