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igorisbar : Ok this evening i was dropping off a friend at his house and then going to grab a bite to eat. On the way from dropping him off i was pulled over because i apparently "look" like a person who has been breaking into cars around that area. The thing is i was not speeding of doing anything i shouldn't be doing and i was still pulled over. What confuses me is that the apparently knew what my appearance looked like threw tinted windows and they were driving behind me. They asked to search me and my car and gave them consent because i have nothing to hide. So after they were done they made me give them my cell number to "possibly" be contacted by a detective to come to the station at a later time, which i thought was weird because i have done nothing wrong and definitely not the type of person who does things like that. But after all the mess i was wondering if the chance they do call and ask to come down, do i need a lawyer person??

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ganelsalevx : You don't need a lawyer, you're actually old enough to talk with the detective yourself, he'ill question you some questions and you need to answer them.. and you're either going home or you'ill stay there in the station, anyways allah bless you and you'ill soon be out of this trouble :)
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BizDyereedimi1970 : Well, I'd certainly have someone else present, if I were you. You need to be careful.
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jqo8z53fe : You have the right to a lawyer, and if you cannot afford one, one will be provided to you. You also have the right to remain silent if you feel that is in your best interest.
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Brupleglype : i see no need for 2 reasons....

1. you arent being arrested for any crime.

2. you did nothing wrong.
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songzhang225 : My ex and I were together about 5 yrs and broke up at the top of this yr. I did something twice to make him very angry and break the trust he had in me. After the second time he really cut communication down and was angry and bitter. I knew I had things to work on so I give him space and worked on it. He started coming around slowly talking to me more and more and hanging out every 2weeks or so. Now we hang whenever he comes home and we can do so. He's started to trust me again and will hug and kiss me but ik he isn't ready to jump back into a serious committed relationship which I'm not rushing bc we both have been on lock down for a while and we need to continue building back trust before hopping into anything again. And just a few days ago, we had sex(only the 2nd time in the 5yrs) so there's no doubt that we still feel some type of way towards each other. It's whatever, buttt we both start school in 3weeks and will be 1 1/2hrs away and I don't have a car. We dealt with this last school yr but now he is about to graduate and he needs to save money to get a new car, pay his bills, etc and he may be taking on 2jobs this yr also. I play bball so us both being busy is nothing new but now it'll be even harder and frustrating. Were getting back into the groove and on good terms and now only have 3weeks left before the distance and being busy and no sex. We just started doing it 3months ago and the 1&2time were 2months apart so we know how that'll be but should I tell him we should stop now bc it'll be few and far between once I leave for school? We were together 4 1/2yrs w/o any sex and have only done it 2x so we won't die but I'm sure that'll be harder&frustrating for him now that we've started. We aren't based on that but sex aside should we even try to be together with so many things about to happen for him upon graduating? It's hard bc were so close that ik we aren't just gonna stop talkin even if we don't get together officially or talk to other ppl.So what to do?
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phypefrency : Sex has to be consential just say no.
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hankon500 : I wouldn't stop. Bop him a couple more times for good luck, then it's off to school and finding a new guy. Good luck/
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popzqy : i doubt u can since ur a h0rny wh0re
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Chidaimampham : I'd say possibly it may just be best to take things as they come. Instead of making plans ahead you're not even sure about, let things happen as they may, as in whatever will be will be. IF it's meant to be between you, regardless of what you do now, it will be in the future. IF you see you're getting further apart, then I'd take a rest from it & keep going forward with your life. Neither of you know if you may meet others as life goes by. Of course you'll be keeping in touch regardless & you'll both know if you're drifting apart, staying the same, or getting better. Let taking things as they come be your judgment & go on from to you, honey...:)
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