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chuyun4841 : Ok so my mum has this crazy ex boyfriend who has raped her and hit her ans stolen from his kids at the age of 2.He said he will come to my house and kill my mum, I know I could take him though I am easily twice his size I am and a trained fighter. The problem is I doubt I would stop hitting him I would probably end up killing him, if he attacked my mum with intent to kill and i beat him to death would this be a crime? Of course I wouldn't give a crap at the time, just the aftermath.

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esyez003 : If he is white, you can kill him and it is okay.
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DavidVH : Of course you can defend your mother. And of course you had better stop before you kill him or you are likely going to jail.

I gather Mr. Rogers has a rather dreary and predictable political ax to grind. Talke no notice.
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SwonMentsMece : All you have to remember is that you weren't INTENDING to kill him, were you? Intention is everything! All you were trying to do was to stop him from killing your mom....and if he happens to be killed in the process, well too darned bad (don't quote me)! And yes, you are allowed to come to the defense of your mother if she is being attacked. You are not allowed to use more force than necessary to protect her....but that covers a great deal of "grey area". One more thing....if you do ACCIDENTALLY kill him, HIRE A LAWYER and keep your mouth shut! Good luck and God bless.
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Aripooh0013 : " I know I could take him though "

What an ignorant statement if he pulls a gun and blows you brains out first. Do it the right way get a freaking restraining order and stop with the I am god almighty attitude as YOU would end up in prison!
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celtics22 : Hello. I'm 18 years old and sick of stuff my stepdad does.
When I was around 15 he put a logger on my computer. He read my journal on there, all my messages to my friends on MySpace (this was back when it was popular.) He had my passwords to every account I had on any site.
I thought once I got older stuff would change but no. Two days before I turned 18 I found out he somehow made my texts be forwarded to him. He got mad at me for having my boyfriend walk me home without permission and took my birthday gift from my mom and him back. I recently found out he logged into an old social networking site I had and looked at my new profile on there and read all my messages and comments. He has texted me using a pinger number pretending to be someone else to get info from me. Wouldn't be shocked if he read this.

My mom has no issue with any of this at all. It is extremely frustrating. He doesn't pay my phone bill and didn't buy my phone so I don't see why he feels he can do that stuff. How can I demand more privacy and get it?
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Oxymnlync : If you're 18 then just completely cut him off. I'm assuming you don't still live at home, and if you do, move out. get your own phone plan so that you're the only one who has access to it. if I was you, i'd just tell him to stay the hell out of my life.
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WenBahefforne : Um wow that's creepy I think illegal actually. Invasion of privacy. Idk but still very weird and unusual. You are an adult so there's no reason he should be doing any of that.
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Sleedeetmesee : Tell him to go fuck off thats what i would say or just scream at him and tell him to stop
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MymnIntatte : To the daddy reading this. Girl is 18 years old, I'd stop before you get arrested for stalking and harassment.

Buy your own computer and have proof of purchase. Change your passwords, throw on stricter privacy settings. Buy your own cell phone.
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