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MymnIntatte : To the daddy reading this. Girl is 18 years old, I'd stop before you get arrested for stalking and harassment.

Buy your own computer and have proof of purchase. Change your passwords, throw on stricter privacy settings. Buy your own cell phone.

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Tedwoodosen : Please visit ambersvoice its an ask column just copy and paste this question or explain your situation and she will get back to you in a full detailed answer within 20 minutes.
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floalpawl : Get new number and change all passwords and email
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skidgeskags : You're 18, you don't have to listen to him anymore, so just do what you want. If he says anything, then tell him i'm 18, you're not in charge of me, so stay out of my life.
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ivilus : How about this? Tell him how you feel? Get all your emotions out, and maybe cry a little for a extra bonus. Be like...
" Dad, I'm eighteen now. You need to understand that I'm a women, not a little girl. Are you going to keep doing this even when I'm forty? I want to make mistakes and learn from them, not have my dad as a safe guard. I love so much Dad, but you doing this is suffocating me. Let me live my life, it's not like you're going to marry me."
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geseamili : If you're ready to double down, find some time when others are in your house but you and he are alone in a room, then rip your shirt, scream and run out to them. Tell them "it's nothing ... nothing .... I don't want to talk about it. Just keep HIM away from me." I bet he'll leave you severely alone after that. That's a creepoid invasion of privacy you're describing, and while it might not be illegal, it is definitely pushy and possibly perverse. Good luck getting away from it.
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uncerorripupe : Being a dad is tough. (note my source)

There is only your side of this and he may have good reason to keep tabs on you. The fact your mom doesn't object seems to support this.

He may trust you, but he wants to verify. For example, your bf may have walked you home, but you may have stopped en route to mess around Hmm? Daughters don't necessarily give dear old dad the full story when a boy is involved, do you?

But now you are 18 and an adult young woman. You may continue to have some restrictions if you are living in your parents home. But you are entitled to your privacy and your mail, FB, and phone log should not be scrutinized.

Time for a "we need to talk" time with mom and dad. (try to skip the 'step' if he has been a parent for a long time, in which case he is simply dad).. Be prepared and state your case.

Your dad is likely as most of us are, trying to protect our daughters. We sometimes tend to freeze them in age groups younger than they are. We realize you are quite mobile starting at age 12 and we aren't with every moment. You can do a lot of whatever you want and we won't ever know about it. So it is the standards we developed with you that will see us through.

Dad may be a bit overprotective, so you need to find out why if you don't already know. You can probably set some new boundaries now that you are 18.

Does this make sense from a dad's POV?
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demBiniadiack : If he is doing this to you the. What he is doing sense you are 18 now is illegal.

However not to be the bearer of bad news but if you are 18 and he owns the residence legally he could kick you out.

I had issues with parents back when I was that age trust me on this.

I'm 30 now btw.

Legally he can't stop you from dating anyone knor can he legally take presents from you

Be a good girl and call the cops and soon.

If you want a relationship with any guy to work you will have to get him off your back.

If I knew this guy and ran into him I'd kick his a$$.

Whatever happens I can guarantee arguing will happen
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zgjytkofcj : I've been with my boyfriend for almost two months and he's actually the type that would be looking for a future with someone.however he's 27 and doesn't have a college degree and works manual labour , now I'm not saying I can't be with someone like that , but there's a certain point every month where he's broke.

When I was out with him I was paying for something and he stuck his hand in my wallet as I was paying so I asked him what he was doing he said taking your money , I told him off about it and he said he was joking and as we were leaving he said you're Rich you can pay for my bills , I was not happy about what he said and I told him off again about it. Yesterday he told me he doesn't want me to think he's struggling , he then went on to say I know you guys have money ( my family ) and he's not rich so he will do what he can , my family isn't even rich were pretty average I told him you don't know how my family is.

Point of what I'm trying to ask for help is , a guy who is 27 is supposed to be starting to get his life together. Now I'm not saying me and him have a future for sure but if we do and he's in this situation all the time and doesn't have the right job to support a family it's not easy. He says he wants to do this and that but never does , his education he gave an excuse of not having the opportunity and money to go to college when all of his sisters did and Everyone works to pay for their school fees even if they have rent bills etc to pay
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oscinkikix : You only known him for 2 months and he's doing that type of joking. Could you say red flags!!!!! I would dump his ass.
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