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lialpinsamy : I'm living in a better house and I have two jobs. I'm saving up for college and I've graduated high school a year early, but I'm only 17. Could my mom call the police and force me to leave here and move back if she really wanted to? I'm in florida and nervous that she could take this all away from me because I'm in a better environment and trying to start a live for myself.

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igoroldtemkin : Yes she could do that if she wanted to
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seogertafor : Technically she can . But you can file to be independent
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Mumemupspaw : If you are truly in a good situation, then hopefully she wouldn't do that.

If you think she would, as a selfish act, and you are truly certain that you are better off, then you should file for emancipation. If your description of your situation is accurate, it's hard to imagine any judge declining emancipation. Once emancipated, you are legally treated as if you were 18. (You still won't qualify to vote until you are 18, or to do anything else that specifies a minimum age of 18, but you would have all rights accorded to adults without reference to age.)
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inciongqgn : If you can prove you are providing for yourself better than she could, you can get emancipation, whatever led you out of the house in the first place will probably be used against her.
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kemiCavaPoike : Call the court clerk in your county and find out how to file for emancipation. It takes a while but I bet if you started the process, you might be more likely to find a way to avoid being returned home if your mother calls the police. Human Services might get involved in that case because the police would have to notify them if not returning you home (I would expect anyway but I'm not a lawyer). If there was abuse and/or neglect, drug use, etc in the home you ran away from, they might help you find a way around being returned there. So I'd encourage you to:

1) Get your emancipation info and paperwork and fill it out.
2) Make an anonymous call to DHS (just don't give your name) and run your situation by them .. TELL THEM IT'S A THEORETICAL QUESTION so they don't have to act on info that you're a runaway.
3) Talk to the adult(s) you now live with about your concerns. They need to know what you're going to do because if you're mother is a vengeful person, they are technically harboring a runaway .. it's illegal but the police would most likely NOT take action .. unless you're mother was pushing them to.

You sound like you have a really good head on your shoulders! You should be very proud of yourself. You've beat the odds! Good job!
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YHrobertWG : Forget emancipation.

1. You ran away from home. Not a good decision.
2. You're living with gf parents. Another not a good decision.
3. You cannot prove that you can support yourself because you're living with gf's parents, who are obviously supporting you if you have money saved for college.
4. If you were to become emancipated, you would become an adult before it went thru.
5. You would have to go in front of a judge, with parents. No parents? Judge would find you to be a runaway and send you home.
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Occubrerobe : My best friend called to tell them that she would not be able to make her car payment. They told her check already cleared. She said are you sure, she kept asking them. They said your car payment is already paid for next month. She told me that she had no money in the bank . She said it was a miracle blessing. She said that the lord is opening doors for her. She said It has happen to her years before she got a text from her cell phone company saying her bill was paid. Its never happen to me.
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fakeoakleysy4 : Nonsense!
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Bormmayonry : Yes I do. I have had a few. Two that I prayed for.
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