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Knoprubsop : our company currently doing a project and we need to issue to them a disclaimer letter state that contractor has agreed to borne all additional cost for any third party inspection/works when the machine is arrived at site

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Gromisilsss : Then I guess you should pay a lawyer to write that up for you, eh?
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nunkCurpittee : doesnt sound like a disclaimer but a contractual term

write a contract for that contractor setting out the terms of the job

if you dont have a standard form contract that you already use you can get a lawyer to write one up for you that you can adapt and use for on each occasion such is required
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ImmonyIrobosy : I have an iPhone 5, and my carrier is AT&T. My sister has told me that the day I pay my phone bill, I can use 4G until the 30 days are up and I have to wait until my next plan to use 4G again. I'm really anxious because I can't tell how much data I'm using and when I should stop before I'm charged for going over the limit. I've gotten a text from AT&T saying I had used 65% of my data, so will they send me one for when I use all of it (100%)?
Thank you!
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Torrentyzadarmo : They will.. Basically every phone service will warn you somewhat close to the end of your 4G data and when it is used up completely. Now I don't use AT&T since it doesn't exist in my country but, it will text you, and it may close down your 4G connection, if not, you will have to shut it down when it tells you, so you don't take extra charges!
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LincExcexia : I found a secret email with girls from craigslist and my husband saying he wanted to **** and that he would pay for a lap dance or sex and asking them for naked pics. That was just two days ago I found this and all girls were from near us. And now today someone was calling his phone at 4 am after he passed out and. I text it from my phone and its some girl from a craigslist post. On phone bill it shows he talked to her 33 minutes last night. I was seing how things went for our two year old daughter sake. But it looks to me as if he won't stop. Even though he hasn't met up yet I can't take much more. Also I found another secret email today. I'm beyond hurt:/ and we have been intimate everyday so what is he doing???I'm 30 weeks pregnant with our second child I'm 20 turning 21 in september
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CliemoGlomi : Go back with your parent or move in with his. At some point he will end up giving you a disease from all of this.

You can try confronting him.
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SoobImbTemDam : I am so sorry, I understand how hard it can be to leave a relationship when you really love someone but think about it, you shouldn't love this man, he clearly doesn't care about your feelings. Talk to close friends your mother or sister about it and cry it out, you'll be okay but you need to confront him and be strong. This is wrong in every way! Don't stay with him for your child's sake, if anything it will hurt your daughter later in life because he might not be happy in the relationship, which causes fights and you wouldn't want to put your daughter through that! If you leave him FOR GOOD (dont let yourself be a door mat to this man, it's always hard at first but you'll be happy in the end if you stay strong) your daughter will respect you much more when she's older. Like "wow my mother is such a strong woman"! In my opinion, you're too young to be tied down like this anyway, you can't expect it to workout :/ as long as you keep your head high and stay strong you can find someone who will treat you better. Kinda funny you say this actually, my mother herself got married at 18, had my sister at 19 and divorced when she was 21 because he cheated on her. She struggled being a single mom but she worked her butt off and of corse family helped, she ended up meeting my dad when she was 25, had me 3 years later, they've been married for 17 years and happy as can be! We don't struggle with money and my mom always says that meeting him was the best thing that could have happened to her, also my sister has not spoken to her father since she was 15, she is now 26. My dad raised her as his own, she calls him dad and he is her dad.
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Jamesgo : Turn off his phone on the phone bill, block all the sites on the computer. put him in counseling. if he don't quit. kick him out. invest in a gun.
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jinlin8899 : so right now i have the financial ability to purchase a car. i have done the math and i know i can afford a purchase like this. right now i have one credit card with $150 balance (i have promotional 0% interest for the first year of having the card so i left a small balance on the card). every month i spend about $70 and put down $100 on every monthly bill so the balance slowly shrinks to $0. the car i will be purchasing will be about $130 a month. so im thinking i could just pay off my credit card and the $100 i normally put on my card would become car payments. i told this plan to a friend and they said its not good for my credit if i have a credit card that i don't use.

so here's my idea:
1. i pay off my credit card so the balance is $0
2. pay my month car payment with my credit card
3. pay off the card 100% at the end of every month so no extra interest accumulates.
4. build credit?
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