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Miztiessy : Alright, everyone. This is a serious question, please treat it so. I am 16 years old. My mother passed away from cancer when I was 3 years old and my father married another woman when I turned 5. Being my step mom now, I am like Cinderella (a little humor won't hurt, will it?) two evil step sisters and an evil step mom. My life went downhill after my dad married her. When I was 6 years old, she threw a chair at me, ripped everything out of my room and broke things as well. My dad and I were kicked out of the house. My aunt tried to gain custody of me after this, but the lawyer told her that she would need parental permission, and we didn't get that because my dad wants his dream of his perfect little family. I have watched her physically abuse my two step sisters, and she has emotionally abused me. When I turned 11, I was diagnosed with depression. I tried to kill myself when I was 13. I've come a long way since then though, and that's not the point of this anyways, I just wanted to describe my home situation a little bit. Anyways, here's the deal. I've thought about emancipation for years and years. Now that I'm finally 16, I need to know if it's even possible. I have a job, and of course before I even filed for a petition, I would get my living situation and food situation figured out. But do I have any ground for this? If I can prove that I can support myself, will the emancipation proclamation most likely go through? Here are my other thoughts however. I cannot prove abuse, as I have not succeeded in recording anything or have ever had bruises to show and whatnot. BUT I do have proof of medical neglect. February 17, at 7:53 p.m, my blood pressure spiked 148 over 108. I am a VERY small person, and these numbers put me in stage two hypertension, which can put me into cardiac arrest, and the cause of my heart compensating for something was unknown. My parents REFUSED to take me to the hospital, potentially endangering my life. I know medical neglect is grounds to call Social Services... or at least that's what I've read. Now for the second thing, I am unsure about if this is grounds as well. I receive 400 dollars every month from my mother's social security benefits because she passed away. HOWEVER, this money has NOT been going to me. In fact, when my step mom first found out about this money, she took all of the money from a savings account for me that my mom had, plus the 400 dollars. This is stealing, am I correct or not? I am asking because I have also been looking for ways for my aunt and uncle (who basically raised me because my dad was gone all the time before he married my step mom) to be my legal guardians. Basically, it's a this or that type of thing. Which, if either options, would be more possible? If the second option has no grounds, would I have to be able to provide proof of emotional abuse to social services? Please, any help would be much appreciated.
With all due respect, this wasn't an "immature rant." I am not ranting, I am simply asking for more information. Also, I already know what career I am going into (I've already started on that by the way, as I am now a certified EMT basic.) Which also explains why I know the numbers 148 over 108 are life threatening for someone of my size. And yes, they did refuse. I also have a 3.9 GPA and I will be graduating early. Please do have the correct information before you make accusations. I do not have anger management problems and no, of course I haven't gotten over my mother's death, but in all reality, who wouldn't? With that being said, that in no way means that I haven't learned to accept it. AND the money that is supposed to go to me, is NOT being saved. That was the point I was trying to make. Again, this wasn't a rant, I am simply asking for more information, I am not asking for lectures.

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Prassepam : you asked about emancipation and it's correct that you cannot be emancipated without your parent's permission and he won't sign. You can go off on your own at 18 if you choose to do so since a parent is only responsible for you until you're 18, but right now your rant is very immature and you're not ready to go off on your own. You're just looking to get away from the pain of your mother's demise and since you haven't gotten over that yet you need to work on that and your anger management problem. While you're so consumed with this anger you're not thinking clearly.
Why not concentract on your education and soon you will graduate (time goes really fast) and you should be thinking about what career you want to be in and thinking about eventually using the money from your mom wisely in furthering your education rather than thinking about paying for an apartment. I doubt if your parents "refused" to take you to the hospital that time, I suspect they merely saw no need to at the time. You're causing yourself to be ill so that you can blame it on someone, but there's no need to do that. You are still a child by the law because you are under 18 and your parents are responsible for you therefore they are responsible for your money as well and that's why they're saving that money for you. In addition you say you are working, well if working then you have to pay your parents rent, electric, water, laundry and for food from the money you earn. Know that you have to pay your own way. The only option you have is to get down to brass tacks and put your nose in your school books and get great grades and practice for the college entrance test now, learn what you have to learn, and choose a good career for yourself (research that now), then if there are things you don't know how to do like cook, sew, swim, cpr or somesuch well now is the time to learn that as you'll need those things in the future. In addition, find some clubs to join so you can expand your knowledge base, if you like computers join a computer club, if you like marketing then learn that, if your school has a group that would help you learn how to start your own business then learn that......make the most of what you have. Life out on your own (in a couple of years) is gonna be tough.
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7HealthInsurancer : Since you have a history of mental/emotional problems, you won't be emancipated. Now, you had good reason to be depressed, but you won't be able to be emancipated with that history.

You can, however, make a very good case that your father and stepmother should not be your guardians, just for the medical neglect. Depending on whether your stepmother is your legal guardian, you might be able to make a case that she took your money illegally. If your aunt and uncle have been taking care of you, you (or actually, your advocate) can make the case that you have a stable home to go to.
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FriendConnor : I found hundreds of texts on my boyfriends phone bill that are from a old friend of his that he claims is just a freind from high school but there are so many and he hid it from me the whole time. are they just friends? during these months he treated me very bad too. u dont text juust a friend at all hours for months if it is just a pal right?
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Icupybe : huh???
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Buyuielrkd : If he hid it he needs to give you answers but you shouldn't be snooping around either
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likelucyru : hate to break this to you, but I think you already answered your own question.

First of all, you went thru his texts, which means you probably had some trust issues already -

and then to FIND the evidence of his contact with another, pretty much seals the deal - whether he's "cheating" or not, who knows - -

and whether he considers it normal, is HIS choice - you do not have to make it yours!
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Cousevedsef : Maybe it's time for you and your boyfriend to go separate ways. What worries me is whether his phone bill was a personal one. If it was, then I think that it is absolutely wrong to look at another person's mail.

When my friend is away for a few days I go in to feed her pets. I would never, ever think of peeking at personal letters or anything at all.

Besides, you aren't married to this guy; you aren't chained at the hip. It has nothing to do with you whether he receives or sends texts to someone.
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aperReeri : So, I lost my debit card recently.
Because of that, I shop online....
On Amazon, and iTunes, my purchases have been declined.
On iTunes especially, every time it tells me "Enter in your billing information" and I do, and I change my card number and modify everything, it says "You're payment method was declined, try a different payment form"....

Why is this? On two of my iTunes accounts they tell me my payments are declined...
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